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The Prodigy invasion!


The new album is still in it’s embryonic stage, we’re just getting our ideas together
Issue Dated: February 6, 2011
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How was the experience playing in India?
Liam Howlett: The crowd, the organisation, the production, it was one of the best festivals we've ever played at. We want to come back to India!

It’s been two decades since you’ve been active in the electronic dance music genre; how have you managed to keep your grip on the audience?
Maxim:  It's because we’re original. We haven’t followed any scene. We always did our own thing. And I think how you stay relevant is to be original and not follow trends. Because when you do follow a trend, it dies and you die with that trend. It's of course important to evolve and transform; yet not to lose foundation.

Why did you take so long to return after the album “Fat of The Land”?
Liam Howlett:  It wasn’t a great time. Keith and I weren’t really talking to each other. There was some paranoia and bad feelings between Keith and me at that time. We don’t even know where they came from. They kind of just blew up out of nowhere. These guys are like my brothers, like a family, sometimes you’re not polite with your brothers and sisters. I think that happened through that album. I’m proud of that album, it took too long but the record company just wanted another “Fat of The Land”. I just didn’t want to do that. I was at a bit of a war with them and then just ended up making the record I wanted to make. I guess Invaders Must Die must’ve been the follow-up track they’d wanted. One good thing I will say about the Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned album is that it’s the forgotten Prodigy album and people will discover that because we didn’t do a massive press campaign around that. People who love the band will always go back and buy Fat of the Land or Music for the Jilted Generation. But then they can discover this album, which is quite different from the others; it’s kind of me on my own, y’know. 

What should we expect from The Prodigy in the album to come?
Maxim:  The new album is still in it’s embryonic stage, we’re just getting our ideas together, so it’s hard to say what it’s going to turn out like. Because even though we have started putting ideas down, it might be something totally different when it’s finished.

Do you have any favourite numbers from your own body of work?
Maxim: Smack My  B#*!h Up is probably my favourite. Since we put it in the set around ’96 –’97, it’s the tune that always takes the crowd to another level. Y’know, with certain tunes you play, some people might be into Invaders Must Die, some people might be into Omen, they have different levels in different places. Smack My B$*!h Up always seems to have the same response wherever you go. And for me, it’s just the ultimate treat, dynamically, crowd response wise, everything’s just perfect about that tune.

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