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The horror show continues


The CBI conveniently botches the investigation into Pandher's role
VIVEK ASRI | Issue Dated: April 22, 2007
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The horror show continues  In what may strengthen the notion that the law enforcement agencies are prone to be influenced by money power to distort the facts, the CBI has failed miserably to implicate Moninder Singh Pandher in the notorious Nithari killings case. The second chargesheet that has been filed by the CBI in the court of Ghaziabad’s special judge Sapna Misra, is quite similar to the first one, filed nearly three weeks ago. While the CBI has held Pandher’s servant Surender Koli responsible for all the rapes and murders committed in D-5, Nithari, it virtually gave a clean chit to Pandher on the basis of narco-analysis tests in 16 out of 18 cases concerned. Usha Thakur, a key activist working on the Nithari killings case, while talking to TSI said, “It is evident that the CBI has succumbed to money power. Some of Pandher's rich friends have paid a hefty sum to torpedo the case.”

One gets a feeling that there might indeed be serious loopholes in the manner in which the CBI tackled the case. For example, while Koli has been charged with murder, Pandher has been charged only with criminal conspiracy, destruction of evidence and bribing the officials. In his first statement given to the police, Pandher accepted his involvement in not only the murder of Payal, the callgirl who frequented D-5, but also in the abduction, rape and murder of children. The CBI has refuted the above mentioned admissions as “not fit as evidence” as they were made before the police. The CBI’s stand is that they are not admissible in a court of law. Criminal psychology states that the statements given by criminals at the time of being interrogated first are actually the most authentic and undiluted ones. It is evident that the CBI wanted to miss that point completely.

The manner in which the case was tackled is dubious. In the initial stage of the inquiry, conflicting statements were given by the officials of the Uttar Pradesh Police and the CBI. While the UP Police indicated the involvement of Pandher in the heinous acts, the CBI refuted these claims citing the results of the narco-analysis and lie-detector tests done on Koli and Pandher. From the time it was handed the case, the CBI acted in a manner as if it was hell-bent on giving a strong alibi to Pandher. Thousands of individuals perceive a CBI inquiry as a gimmick and refuse to believe what it churns out. The manner in which the case has progressed will only serve to intensify the disillusionment of the common man towards the law enforcement agencies.
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