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It’s still not time to write about sonny yet...
AVEENA LOPES | Issue Dated: April 22, 2007
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THE BIG B QUEST By far the undisputed King of Bollywood, the fame of Bachchan Sr. has not faded with the passage of time and could easily give any of the current leading stars half his age a good run for their money. Millions have been enchanted by the charisma that surrounds the iconic Amitabh Bachchan. Netting three National Awards and a stunning number of 14 Filmfare awards, besides being worshipped as God by numerous die-hard fans, are just a few of his accomplishments. Through it all, the studied indifference to all the adulation that he receives from fans and media alike, has kickstarted the challenge to discover the real ‘Big B’.

Taking on this challenge is Jessica Hines in her book, Looking For The Big B. Hailing from London, she is an alien in this land, and is not yet quite a stranger to the chaotic Bollywood world (rumours of her bearing the love-child of another actor abound). Hines did not have the odds stacked in her favour, but she persevered nonetheless and succeeded in writing about her friend of seven years, despite skepticism displayed by the Big B!

Her hilarious yet laudable attempt to complete her mission portrayed through a series of amusing anecdotes of the Indian film world amidst all its glamour and frenzy, coupled with her rollercoaster of emotions triggered by her irrepressible crush on the larger than life actor, are the highlights of the book. The biography, in the vein of a travel guide, through its simplicity and frequent doses of humour, say, in the manner she ridicules her silly infatuation, are bound to charm the reader. An interesting read at best for all Bollywood-buffs who can’t have enough of the magnetic persona of the ‘Shahenshah’.
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