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Technology to improve medical education


PRATHAM DWIVEDI | New Delhi, October 29, 2012 20:10
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A 3D surgical camera attached with a microscope and the combination connected to a 1080p display through cables, sounds like a combination of electronic and scientific equipments. But this combination, called True Vision 3D system, may bring a drastic change in medical education and can help doctors reduce the rate of complication errors during surgeries.

Sheena Group, that has been making efforts to bring advanced technologies of medical field to India, launched True Vision 3D System in India here on Monday.

This system will be boon for many of those medical students in India who lack knowledge in surgical operations even after completion of their course, due to lack of technology. Currently, if medical students wants to understand the intricacies involved in surgical operations, they have to go into the Operation Theater one by one to learn the process as only one person can see through the binocular microscope.

However, with the help of this system even the whole class can see thing, which can only be seen by the doctor performing the surgery, on the big 3D screen by just putting polarized 3D glasses on, and can also learn about the intricacies involved in the surgery.

Addressing the journalist during the launch, Dr Manoj Rai Mehta of ASTER Eye Care said, “By bringing this system in India we are trying to make surgeries safe and reduce the training period. While in 2D technology we get a flat image but in 3D system we get to see things more clearly and on real time basis by just using polarised glasses.”

“There is also a navigation system that guides the surgeon to align the parts being operated. The centers where this system has been installed have reported drastic drop in the rate of complication incidents ,” he added.

This equipment, which has already achieved huge success in developed countries such as US, U K and Japan, will cost around Rs 50 lakh in India.

While highlighting the social aspects of inclusion of technology, International Affairs expert Dr.Suvro Kamal Dutta said, “Despite the government's efforts to improve social health sector, India still lags behind many other nations in term of technology. Many people lose their lives due to lack of proper medical services. As we can't rely on the government for everything, we have to give a helping hand to the government. So the private sector has to come up and help.”

Taking a step forward to take new technologies to the remotest part of the country, government of Mizoram has agreed to build a cancer hospital in Aizawl where the new technologies including True Vision 3D System, Whole Body Gamma Knife system (Used to treat cancer), Robotic Assistance and Excimer Laser provided by the group will be install with the help of central and state government.

The group is also trying to get Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and other state governments to use these technologies in the hospital and is in talks with central government to provide the new equipment in upcoming AIIMS in different states.

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