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Whether one followed the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week of 2007 or not, there is no way that the warp and woof of the fashion circuit’s grandest event isn’t going to show up in the latest trends sooner or later. One can take a pick of the best designers and their choice of ‘fabric and fantasy’!
ROMSHA SINGH | Issue Dated: April 22, 2007
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With his characteristically kitschy ‘fish fry’ label, a tie up with Reebok shoes and now an invitation to be at the Paris Fashion Week of 2008, Manish Arora continues to reign supreme in the world of fashion. The latest from his whacko wardrobe, comprising space crafts, pads, robots, and rockets, called the ‘Time and Space’ collection is yet another ensemble for the sartorially adventurous! With metal used in abundance with sequins, glitter, digital patterns and metallic discs on puffed skirts, hot pants and jackets, et al, Manish Arora’s idea of an ideal evening wear for a formal occasion would be the employment of vibrant fabrics like lycra, satin, wool, with self-panelled and metallic discs. Manish, don’t tempt the aliens. SOMEWHERE NEAR THE SEVENTH... AVENUE! WHILE THE SUN WAS SHINING...

... over the Caribbean, Satya Paul decided to make hay at the grand finale with this saree displaying an Indian idol wearing a cricket helmet, a cricket pad and a sports shoe! Besides, his collection of multifarious sarees make use of the visages of cricket celebrities, flags of cricket-playing nations, autographs of famous cricketers etc. ‘Provocative’ evening wear, which one may consider picking up as a keepsake of the halcyon days of the sport (save for the Indian debacle, of course), with due respect to Paul’s passion. SOMEWHERE NEAR THE SEVENTH... AVENUE! BAL AND HIS BLACK!

It’s the colour that stands out easily, and most strikingly. Using it to supreme effect is none other than the haute genius Rohit Bal in his ‘Koyla’ collection. With an imaginative use of charcoal colour, this collection imparts vintage look through long flowing gowns in chiffons, georgette, and cotton silk. With touches of avant-garde quilting at sleeve seams, his brocade sherwanis are absolute show-stealers. Using 3D flower embroidery, gota patti work, and smooth velvet, Rohit’s designs make for enviable head-turners at any do. Waiting for the next one, aren’t you?! MONUMENTAL INSPIRATION!

What happens when the magnificent Taj Mahal is subjected to the world’s famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright’s creativity? The collaborated collection thus created by J J Valaya, is called ‘The Taj Blue Prints – Wright or Wrong’! Using fabrics like corduroy, dupion, silk, velvet and brocade, the collection includes both wedding outfits as well as ready-to-wear garments. Other outfits include dresses, tunics, skirts, sherwanis, kurtas, coats and jackets with hand embroidery and prints in digital patterns. Even with exquisite use of shades of beige and warmer tones of brown, one feels a slight ‘spring’ in the step...
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