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Scientists romancing at Science Congress!


SANTANU BARAD | Bhubaneswar, January 7, 2012 18:54
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Mind matters most for the scientists. Why not? It's obvious. But here at the 99th Indian Science Congress, young scientists after a hectic day of deliberations seem to be interested in heartily matters too.
After all they too are humans with a heart to love and longing. They too have the craze for biological necessity.

And at such occasions, away from home and worldly affairs, with ample space and spots for cozy cooing, chemistry works. Flowers blossoming on the pathways, umbrellas for taking rest under winter sun, food and drink kiosks and the nearby lovers point – Shikhar Chandi (Thakurine at Hilltop) – at a walkable distance from the congregation point enhancing the desire of young researchers.

A few young people find the colourful umbrellas dotted in the Odisha Mandap for cozy cooing. And, it also does not grab the attentions of the onlookers as all are busy in where their interest matters. Some young couples find the back lanes of the decorated gateway with a view not to attract the eyes of passerby people. And those who do not have guts for open conversation with their beloved ones; they find the food and drink kiosks to mingle – every time in looking for a chance to express untold words.

Most interestingly, the beautiful Shikhar Chandi happens to be the favourite lovers' point. In the evening, when the sun plays hide and seek behind the hill, couples start to walk through the lane towards the foothills. With the mild temperature in the winter evening, the young scientists too lose their mind over the heart.

A regular evening walker Ramesh says: "Now these days, I find couples most probably young scientists attending the Science Congress roaming here near the hill." He adds: "They don’t hesitate to get indulged before us as they are outsiders and nobody here knows their identity."

According to a private survey, nearby gift shops and kiosks also, doing brisk business as they are getting customers (delegates) frequently during the evening. It seems that none want to lose the chance of cozy cooing at a place far away from home. "We all will cherish the nice moments", said a young scientist from national capital.

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Issue Dated: Feb 5, 2017