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NARAYANI BASU | Issue Dated: December 7, 2008
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SCI BYTES Spot of bother

Astronomers have discovered something odd in the night sky. Millions of stars are racing at high speeds toward a single spot in the sky. The whys and wherefores of this cannot as yet be explained, simply because researchers don’t know what it is that is pulling so many galaxy clusters towards it. That is why they are calling it ‘Dark Flow’. Another mystery to ponder over about outer space. SCI BYTES About the ‘buzz’

When a mosquito buzzes around you, something quite fascinating is happening. When any insect flaps its wings, the air above the wings swirls around and creates a pocket of moving air above the wing which has less pressure than the air below, lifting the insect upward. These little whirlpools are known as leading-edge vortices. Birds are able to fly the same way.
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