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Thursday, July 29, 2021

SC slams AICTE's illicit control on MBA courses


MBA courses no longer need approval of AICTE
TSI | New Delhi, April 27, 2013 12:31
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What The Indian Institute of Planning & Management (IIPM) has been saying and fighting against all odds for years is now what the Supreme Court says!! The apex court’s landmark judgment on 25th of April ruled that private colleges conducting MBA (and MCA) courses do not come under the purview of the All India Council for Technical Education Management (AICTE) and hence need not take any permission from the self-claimed regulator. The verdict has brought cheers to private institutes and students, who often - despite having far better knowledge and skills and better industry acceptance - faced harassment at the hands of AICTE, a body that has in the past been shamefully exposed due to corrupt practices with its functionaries even getting arrested on similar charges.

The Supreme Court bench comprising of Justices BS Chauhan and V Gopala Gowda held that "MBA course is not a technical course within the definition of AICTE Act" and "…approval from the AICTE is not required for obtaining permission and running MBA course by the appellant colleges." With respect to institutes conducting MCA courses, the bench said that though MCA was a technical course, the AICTE had no business to lay down standards as for this purpose the Parliament had already enacted the UGC Act.

As a rightful blow to AICTE - a body that has illegally stifled the spread of education in India in various ways - the bench further held that the role of AICTE was advisory and could only impose uniform standards of education in affiliated members of a university by putting a note to the UGC.

The Association of Management of Private Colleges along with a few private institutes in Tamil Nadu had filed appeals against the AICTE order that forced them to seek the technical education regulator’s approval for conducting an MCA course. The colleges had objected in the appeal that the AICTE Act being an enactment of Parliament could not be amended in year 2000 without being placed in the Parliament. The apex court accepted the argument, hence culling AICTE’s power to control the private players illegally.

The Twitter world was in turn abuzz repeatedly slamming AICTE's retrograde efforts to control MBA education and praising the Supreme Court judgment.

IIPM Think Tank's Honorary Director Prof Arindam Chaudhuri also reiterated, “We are extremely proud of the world-class education and faculty we have set up in these four decades, which is comparable to the best in the world, miles ahead of the extremely low standards set by the UGC-AICTE combine. The standard of education they have created in the nation is shameful." If one does a reality check of the AICTE approved institutes, then outdated curriculum, hardly any global exposure in today’s shrinking world, old-traditional style of teaching and almost zero focus on personality development – that’s what MBA aspirants are getting from these regulators.

With freedom from AICTE's illegal control, management education will hopefully spread to a larger base, ensuring that India Inc. gets a bigger pool of talented management professionals in the future than the trickle that AICTE had brought it down to.

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Posted By: sibin thomas | Bangalore | April 30th 2013 | 14:04
IIPM proved right! Supreme Court rips apart AICTE, saying that MBA course is not a technical course.
Posted By: ankit | Bhopal | April 30th 2013 | 13:04
IIPM always said DARE TO THINK BEYOND.. AICTE. Now Supreme Court has stamped it too in its landmark judgement...exellent
Posted By: sneha | Bangalore | April 30th 2013 | 12:04
The shamefully corrupt agency AICTE is now history for world class B-schools like IIPM....
Posted By: ayesha | Hydrabad | April 30th 2013 | 11:04
AICTE's self-claimed power over B-Schools was fake and always was! That's why Supreme Court stops AICTE's illegal control on MBA education...
Posted By: Xena | Bangalore | April 29th 2013 | 16:04
World class B-Schools like IIPM can now function freely. Apex Court finally delivers justice
Posted By: sekhar | Mumbai | April 29th 2013 | 16:04
"MBA course is not a technical course within the definition of AICTE Act" and "…approval from the AICTE is not required for obtaining permission and running MBA course by the appellant colleges." Great decision by Apex court…
Posted By: hitesh | Bangalore | April 29th 2013 | 16:04
The judgment by the apex court is a huge blow to the AICTE which made it mandatory for any college running MBA/MCA course to seek its approval.
Posted By: suman rao | Chennai | April 29th 2013 | 16:04
Yes, totally agree that IIPM has been the only instiute fighting against all odds and voicin the same. AICTE's powers over B-Schools is fake and always was!!
Posted By: aisha sharma | Bangalore | April 29th 2013 | 16:04
Supreme Court clearly says that MBA is a non technical programme- as IIPM has always openly said so!!!! World class B-Schools like IIPM can now function freely,without any fear. Million cheers!!
Posted By: suresh | Kerala | April 27th 2013 | 16:04
Suresh Kumar • 18 hours ago − Very good judgement ...The only contribution of AICTE in India has been destroying science education & research in India and hence the development. Inter-disciplinary research in engg has been stopped ...One example is status of quantum computer research in India....

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