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TSI | Issue Dated: April 1, 2007
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RIGHT BYTES The ‘season’ed traveller goes now

Don’t mind getting wet? Go anytime between July and November.

‘Savour’ faire

Punches and Pepper pot; the former made from fresh fruit juices will go down well in the Sun, while pepper pot (the national food) a strong flavoured stew made from cinnamon, hot peppers, pork and beef can also be made with chicken. Try the many fish delicacies. Slurp!

Get to work

Book a seat on a small chartered aircraft to the big daddy of waterfalls, the Kaieteur Falls amid the thick expanse in the interiors. Adventure of the 4x4 kind will be quite a ride into Iwokrama Rain Forest. A day at the beach offers a host of aqua adventures (snorkeling, diving, and sailing) to choose from. Fishing on a relaxed day in the Guyanese waters is an alluring proposition too.

What’s the word?

If you speak English you’re at home in Guyana . . . it’s official, the language!

Keepsake courtesies

Woo her all over again . . . Exquisite, besides the locales, is the Guyanese diamond jewellery! Pick up some unique art and craft for friends.
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