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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Red planet odyssey


TSI | Issue Dated: November 8, 2013, New Delhi
Tags : Mangalyan |K Radhakrishnan |APJ Abdul Kalam |Tirupati temple |Red planet odyssey |

As far as national pride tickling moments go, the launch of the Mangalyan was unparalleled. A flawless lift off from Sriharikota was applauded across the country with former president APJ Abdul Kalam dubbing it a “great mission”. After six orbit raising operations, on December 1, the orbiter will begin its final 300-day journey to Mars to study the planet’s atmosphere, especially check for the presence of methane. Besides the usual criticism of there being better uses for the money spent on the mission, ISRO’s chairman K Radhakrishnan has been pointed out by rationalists for visiting the Tirupati temple prior to the launch while some sections of the scientific establishment have questioned the decision not to use the heavier GSLV which would have allowed a bigger payload for the launch. For the Indian establishment though, these are small issues when compared with the country’s prestige and they have ignored sceptics and naysayers.

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