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Privatised Patriotism . . .


Money power is spreading to the farthest corner . . .
SRAY AGARWAL | Issue Dated: April 1, 2007
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Privatised Patriotism . . . Iraq for sale – a movie by Robert Greenwald – describes the new and unethical outsourcing boom in Iraq. Investigations by independent agencies have revealed that private companies have now become the second largest US coalition partner in Iraq replacing Britain! With around 10,000 military contractors operating in Iraq, the world is witnessing perhaps the first of of a ‘privatised and outsourced war’. The ranks of security personnel fighting in Iraq for money includes non-professionals like cooks, truck drivers, technicians and trained military servicemen lured from several countries of the world.

From Chile to Fiji, and from Nepal to Argentina, the tentacles of these controversial recruiters run deep. Blackwater – a private security company – is known to charge its clients in Iraq as much as $2,000 a day for each of its hired personnel. Shorn of responsibility in Iraq, these private warriors share several profiles critical to American interests. Defending important installations, protecting military heads and escorting fleets might seem innocuous but if duties like intelligence gathering and interrogation of inmates are added then the true nature of the poisonous potion gets revealed. George Bush’s private war is banking on privatisation. Blood flows cheaper in Iraq not for the defence of any country but for oil and for permanent preservation of US interests.
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