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Nasal spray could make you more sociable: Study


AGENCIES | Toronto, December 12, 2011 12:31
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Shy or introverted people who wish to hold their own in any social do could find their answers in a nasal spray. An intra-nasal form of oxytocin can boost ones self-esteem in social situations, says new research at Concordia University.

Oxytocin, a feel good hormone released following childbirth or during social bonding periods has recently been investigated for its impact on social behaviour, the Psychopharmacology reported.

"Our study shows oxytocin can change how people see themselves, which could in turn make people more sociable," said Mark Ellenbogen, professor of developmental psychopathology at Concordia.

Some 100 men and women aged between 18 and 35 years inhaled oxytocin from a nasal spray and completed questionnaires on how they felt 90 minutes later, according to a university statement.

They reported "amplified personality traits such as warmth, trust, altruism and openness," said Christopher Cardoso, a graduate student in Concordia psychology.


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