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Nandigram erupts again


The announcement of the panchayat polls in april got the CPI(M) brigade back in action...
SNEHANGSHU ADHIKARI | Issue Dated: May 18, 2008
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Nandigram erupts again It was difficult to wipe away the memories of March 14, 2007, the day of the Nandigram massacre. Despite the appearance of quiet and normalcy, Nandigram continued to simmer, only to erupt all over again when the Panchayat elections were announced on April 8.

The CPI (M) brigade, it seems, is back in action. Violence erupted at Bhangabera, Keyakhali, Kanongochak, Maheshpur, Gokulnagar and other parts of Nandigram. Fresh attacks by CPM cadres with the alleged help of the police have rendered nearly 500 homeless. Trinamul candidates Sudhanshu Das and Bhabani Manna were attacked and are now in the Nandigram Hospital. There have been reports of death threats to opposition party candidates and of voter ID cards being snatched away. Eight police camps in Nandigram will be removed following the forthcoming Panchayat polls.

A woman was molested as she refused to participate in a CPM rally. “Since the announcement, nearly 137 people have been injured,” revealed Sisir Adhikary, TMC, District President.

A visibly shaken Samiran Das from Kalicharanpur was spotted near the Nandigram Police station, with a FIR and witness list in his hand. Recounting his horrors, he told TSI, “It was 4.25 pm on May 2, when armed men dragged me out of my house. They beat me and hurled abuses at my family members, threatening us with dire consequences. This happened in front of CRPF officials.” With the Marxist goons repeating the so called 'November Revolution', the CRPF personnel stand as mute spectators.

Incidentally, the name of the Officer-in-Charge of Nandigram police station, Debashish Chakraborty, has been forwarded by the National Human Rights Commission to the CBI as one of the main accused in the arms supply case of March 14. He is said to have helped the CPI-M with their operation to cleanse Nandigram on that fateful day and was responsible for giving false injury reports of two arrested Bhumi Ucched Pratirodh Committee members. He has been issued a show cause notice by additional chief judicial magistrate, Haldia, Arpan Chattapadhyay. “A complaint has also been filed against him for misbehaving with a woman,” informed Adhikary.

Shantiram Gorai, the Block District Officer, admitted that Nandigram continued to be unstable and the police was doing nothing to restore normalcy. Once again, intellectuals, led by theatre personality Saonli Mitra and painter Sova Prasanna, raised their voices against the fresh atrocities.

On May 5, TMC workers staged a demonstration in front of the state election commissioner demanding the transfer of the OC. Fingers are also being pointed at the Superintendent of Police, Satya Sankar Panda and Shekhar Roy, Circle Inspector, Mahishadal.

Nandigram's wounds have once again been ripped open by the red army. And as expected, state administration feels the situation is conducive to hold elections.
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