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Music and lyrics


It is said that the soul speaks through the purse and the precious. The things one buys and the relationships one cherishes perhaps reveal more about a person than anything one might say or do. TSI chats up with actors Aryan Vaid on his musical leanings and Kim Sharma, on her parental connect
TSI | Issue Dated: April 1, 2007
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Music and lyrics Let me take you down memory lane – to the words and the music which reflect my adolescence. Like most convent-bred boys, my British schooling also influenced my thoughts and my choices. Our exposure to the West was primarily through their music and my little book – my favourite possession – that provided me a ticket to that world. Fifteen-odd years ago, when Internet & cable television were alien concepts, my access to the rock world was through the Sun magazine, which had the key to their music – their lyrics! As a kid, I used to cut out those clippings and religiously paste them in my little lyrics book. In there lived some great artists like R.E.M, Pink Floyd, Billy Joel, The Doors, lyrics I’d sing along to. To me that book spells wonder years and if it had a voice, it would tell you, ‘How passionate Aryan is about music and how dreamy-eyed he was, to become a rock star!!’ (laughs). Now that I didn’t pursue my dream, I actually learned the guitar and even formed a band called E.T. but our changing plans of life left our dream high ‘n’ dry. My Dad used to lose it whenever he heard rock or death metal as he thought it was synonymous to drugs and alcohol – the music of the devil – but we kept our spirits up by jamming after school hours. One time we were vigorously practising for a show, performing Footloose by Kenny Loggins as it was a hard song to play, not just for me (the lead vocalist) but the entire band. Funnily enough, on the day of the show our drummer broke his stick while playing on the stage! It was very embarrassing then but now leaves me in splits!
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