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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Mangalyaan breaks free


PUJA AWASTHI | New Delhi, December 6, 2013 10:58
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On December 1, seconds before the firing of the Liquid Engine to put Mangalyaan on its final journey to Mars, Hartebeesthoek (HBK)- the station in South Africa, which was to monitor the operation from the ground, was struck by a thunderstorm. Despite five minutes of anxiety, the mission’s on board computers performed flawlessly and Mangalyaan was injected into interplanetary space, beginning a 300 day journey to Mars at a speed of 10,000,000 km a day. The next day, it became the farthest object sent into space by India. The MOM’s very popular FB page put it dramatically—“The die has been cast. MOM has crossed the rubicon, never to return to Earth. MOM has broken free from the shackles of gravity and is on the one way road for rendezvous with the red planet”. 

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