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Living on the Edge


BJP may emerge single largest party, but Devegowda could be kingmaker again
SATISH CHAPPARIKE | Issue Dated: June 1, 2008
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Living on the Edge The much-awaited polling for the Karnataka state assembly is over and all eyes are focused on the 2008 assembly election result. The most debated questions in Bengaluru at this juncture are: will the BJP get an absolute majority in this election and begin its southern sojourn? Or would the Congress and JD(S) again join hands to form a coalition government?

According to analysts examining the three phases of polling and exit polls conducted, there is a good chance that the BJP may emerge as the single largest party in the state. Their estimate: BJP will not get an absolute majority and would hover around the 90-100 mark. However, BJP’s Chief Ministerial candidate B.S.Yedyurappa does not agree. Speaking to TSI, Yedyurappa said: “We will get more than 130 seats and form the government on our own.” People of the state, he felt are “absolutely disgusted” with the JD(S) and Congress. The BJP leader said that this time “people will give my party a chance”.

The claim, incidentally, appears to be somewhat far fetched. BJP it seems is likely to be short by 15-20 seats of the magic figure of 113, required to get an absolute majority. Party sources say: “If we get over 100 seats we can unleash our gameplan and try to form the government and if we manage 90 seats, we are certain that Congress and JD(S) will join hands to form the government. If that happens, we shall be happy to sit in the Opposition.” Living on the Edge The Congress, like the BJP, also speaks of a “win-win situation". Though the Congress seemed to have fared well in the first and second phases, it might get hit in the third. Yet, Congress may be able to maintain its tally of 79 berths and emerge as the second largest party. If BJP fails to hit the magic figure, Congress will try to form the government with the JD(S). Under this particular scenario, former Prime Minister and JD(S) boss, H.D. Devegowda, may emerge as kingmaker in Karnataka.

During one of the election rallies, former state chief minister, H.D. Kumaraswamy has claimed: “JD(S) will get absolute majority and we will form the government.” However, the writing is apparently clearly on the wall, that JD(S) is certain to lose 23 seats from its original tally. The JD(S) had 58 seats and could end up with only 35. Poll pundits agrre that in that event, Devegowda “will play a major role in the formation of the government in Karnataka".
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