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Lest we train in vain...


PRASHANTO BANERJI | New Delhi, December 23, 2011 21:52
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Death! It’s not my favourite word, especially when I’m trying to write something to make you pick up this issue, then some weights and then maybe someone you like, for the sheer joy of it. And yet, it keeps coming back to me... Let me push it aside for now and tell you about the pages to follow. With this issue, we wanted to rip that final fig leaf off you and leave you with nothing to hide behind. You didn’t bother with a fitness regimen or bother with eating right because you didn’t have the time... Because you didn’t know how. Well, now you know how and you don’t need time. 20 minutes, the ones you’ll save when you spend all those days away from the hospital bed you right now are ever so imperceptibly moving towards; oh and the 20 minutes you’ll save by not spending the hours you now do in front of a mirror wondering what happened to the clothes which once used to fit you well.

20 minutes really is all you need every day to live, look and love better than you ever have, and sure, we’ll tell you how. But as this issue fell in place, that word, death, came rushing back and I realised our 20 minute issue had forgotten about ‘death’. And death wouldn’t have any of it.. Death wouldn’t be wished away...

A dear friend lost a father yesterday... Just like that. The phone rings minutes after he reaches work. A call from home, and suddenly the man he had dinner with yesterday, the man who smiled and waved as he drove out, the man who he would meet everyday in his chair when he returned, is gone.. A life reduced to smoke and ash blowing in the winter wind.

The body gave in before the mind could protest. Death changes life as we see it, and I realised that these pages, while well intentioned over the last few issues, have served vanity far more than life. Every workout and every diet plan was aimed at making you look good and feel strong. But what about living long and living strong? Is that possible? I know fatalists would say that how long we live is a game we haven’t yet learnt how to play, that it really isn’t up to us but I don’t agree. All around you and me, people we love and care about abuse their bodies, some with sloth, some with substances, some work themselves to an untimely exit while others stubbornly eat their hearts out of beats. If you know them, if you are them, don’t give up on them, for longevity has been a quest in numerous cultures and in the next issue we will right our wrongs and give you an issue that will serve the force of life first and not as a residue of our vanity. Twenty minutes, the ones we will add to our lives every day, teaching the body and the mind to work together. Until then, hang in there...

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