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How to access and back up digital files anytime


MAHENDRA YADAV | New Delhi, May 16, 2012 15:00
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In today's Gadget oriented world, we have files scattered over different devices such as Office Computer, laptop, tablet, mobile,email account etc. So here are few tips how we can back up those files and access them from any internet enabled devices.

For Email–Though Google services hardly faces downtime but If you would like to ensure that you always have access to your Gmail mailbox, you can simply create a free Hotmail account to copy your existing Gmail mailbox. TrueSwitch Service allows users to copy existing emails from your Gmail mailbox to your Hotmail account. Then set up auto-forwarding inside your Gmail so that copies of all incoming messages are automatically sent to your new Hotmail inbox.

For Documents – Google Docs (now known as Google Drive) is a free, Web-based office suite and data storage service offered by Google. It allows users to create and edit documents online while collaborating in real-time with other users.  But what if Google Docs service is unavailable or we want to use docs offline?

The solution is Insync, a free software that automatically syncs Google Docs with your computer. If you add or edit a document inside Google Docs, it automatically becomes available inside your local Insync folder. If you move this local Insync folder inside your Dropbox folder, your documents will automatically get saved into your Dropbox account, which you can access from any device.

For Photos – Unlike documents and email messages, your photos are probably spread across multiple online services like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram or Picasa.

You can use the excellent IFTTT service to pull all your photos from the different social sites and have them in one central place. You can choose to store the images in one of your local Dropbox folders or another social site itself.

IFTTT is free and works in the background without requiring any software on your computer. But the downside is that it can only monitor photos that are uploaded after you activate the service. If you are looking to back up your old photos as well, go withSocial Folders. This is available for both Mac and Windows.

For Mobiles/Tablets – Most Smartphones/Tablets these days support apps
and we can backup our data by either synchronizing with our PC or by installing DropBox app and uploading those to Cloud and access them anytime anywhere we want to. For Phones that does not support apps, we can go to in our mobile browser and upload files we want to backup.

Personal Cloud – One can also set up personal Cloud using softwares such as Tonido and access our PC files from whereever we want to.

The files will get served from your PC so there is no limitation of uploading them and we can access all the files no matter where they are saved in your Computer. Personal Cloud services access files from our computer so users have to make sure their computers are switched on and connected to Internet whereas cloud services such as Dropbox has no limitation like this.

User can also install the Tonido software on multiple computers and access all their files on your mobile phone or the desktop browser under a common web interface. Tonido is available as a free download for Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

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