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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Haddin should mind his own business: Zaheer


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After the verbal volleys from Australia now it was the turn of Indians to hit back. Indian bowling spearhead Zaheer Khan has attacked Brad Haddin for his latest outburst. The Indian quick has hit back at Aussie wicketkeeper for calling Indian team "fragile".

Haddin has said that Team India is the most "fragile" in the world that can break quicker than anyone in the world. The wicketkeeper didn't stop here; he has also said that the hosts have identified mental weakness in the Indian line-up.

While talking to Sky Sports Radio Australia, Haddin revealed the Aussie plan, "We spoke about a bit of that when we were batting. The larger we could keep them out on the field the bigger chance we had of breaking them."

"We know this side can be as fragile as any team in the world if things aren't going their way and they can turn on each other. They break quicker than anyone in the world," added Haddin.

But the Indian quick had hit Haddin hard. According to the 'West Australia', a leading newspaper from Perth, Zaheer Khan said, "It would be better if he concentrates on his own form after a mediocre show behind the stumps in the last test at Sydney."

"After that ordinary performance his place in the Australian team is really vulnerable. His shot selection under pressure was not at all impressive." added Khan.

According to Khan, Haddin does not move behind the wickets, which has resulted into sloppy display of wicket-keeping.

With the latest verbal volleys between Haddin and Khan, the intensity of the match will certainly hit up. According to Husseyk, last time Indian team galvanized after the Monkeygate episode.

May be the latest attack from Haddin will reunite Indians again.

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