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Ranveer Singh is crazy in the real sense of the word. He is honest, modest and just very very entertaining and knows that he lands up in controversies because of his jovial nature. But somewhere he likes to believe that everyone has accepted the fact that he says most of what he says in jest. He lives to make his mom and dad proud and is an unabashed Govinda loyalist. He believes in not changing at all and remain sincere and honest towards his work and not get corrupted. TSI gets you Ranveer Singh unplugged…
TSI | Issue Dated: March 2, 2014, New Delhi
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You are one of those people who are most spoken and written about…
I am the way I am. Being the centre of attention is nothing new to me. I naturally assume that position and I have ever since I was a kid. Whether it was in school, in class, in college, in any scenario. Even on sports day where I wasn’t the main sportsperson, I would assume the natural position of the centre of attention somehow or the other because I was the entertainment quotient, I was the one in the big outfit entertaining everybody. Its not new to me, but not at the level that it has become. Sometimes I find now that I am too much of a centre of attention (Laughs).

Go on…
For me if you are a certain way people are going to pass judgements and if you are some other way, people are going to pass judgement. I just be the way I feel like as judgement is going to be passed either way. Maybe it was a bit too much for people at first, my so called off screen persona. But I think now people are kind of getting used to it. They are genuinely warming up to it which is nice. I like to have fun all the time. The truth is that I am a very typical cancerian. I get attached very easily. I am very hyper emotional, hyper sensitive and I think very deep. I get too serious and I don’t like that. I don’t like getting serious in any situation. I like to joke and have fun all the time. I like the keep the atmosphere light all the time. I like to see people smiling. There should be mirth and joy in and around me.  That’s how I like to be most of the time. That’s all there is to it. I spend a couple of hours with myself in the night mostly in stillness. The whole day is just so chaotic, be it on the film set or a film promotion. Fame has brought a lot more chaos in my life so the time that I spend with myself is very dear to me. If I did not have that side to me, I perhaps would not have been able to pull off a film like Lootera.

You and Ranbir Kapoor are considered the future of Indian Cinema and both of you are applauded for being versatile…
I am a very avid film going audience myself. I get the most excited to see versatility in an actor. When I see Christian Bale, Daniel Day Lewis I am stunned and I can’t believe my eyes that this man who was in My Left Foot, I am seeing him as Lincoln. I am stumped at the transformation. In the initial stages of my career I would want to establish that I am not restricted till one thing. If I can pull off an unabashed Delhi boy, I can also do a Lootera post that and so can do Gunday. Lootera and Gunday are like poles apart in terms of the kind of films that they are. I want that range in my repertoire to be demonstrated in the initial phases of my career because it is important for me to keep the audience excited. To not in their heads fix a certain image for me and the same thing for film makers. For me the highest compliment would be to not be the top grossing hero but to be the most versatile actor.

You are very hard workingas well. Who do you look u to?
I look up to someone like Deepika. You have no idea how hard she worked in that year when she had Chennai Express, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Ram Leela. I was there because I was working with her in Ram Leela. To see it all and not show off about it. You know it does not come easy. But it’s not like I am chasing stardom either. I didn’t want fame ever. It just comes across with being an actor. For me it is about being an actor and the joy of performing.

You would be seen with your idol Govinda in your next KILL DIL. How was working with someone who has been your inspiration all these years?
 I am beyond words when it comes to describe the feeling that is to be on a film set with Govinda Ji. I want you to imagine that I am a kid watching TV and Raja Babu is coming on TV and it is probably the 64th time I am seeing it and I have never met this person who is playing Raja Babu. I love the way he dances and I am just crazy about him. I copy him in my real life to school for teachers day for a dance performance. All the teachers going flabbergast as you know its teachers day and you’re dancing on Meri Pant Bhi Sexy…( Laughs) when you’re in like 8th standard wearing orange pants and a silver shirt with yellow shoes. I mean I am such a big Govinda fan, I can’t tell you. Maybe his contemporaries are still for all practical purposes ruling the roost but there is one thing that’s absolutely undeniable that nobody ever had talent like him. Comedy is probably the hardest thing to do and he was the only one with the flair for comedy. There has never been anybody who has done comedy like he has. He is sheer brilliance. When Shaad sir and everyone were thinking that who is going to play bhaiya ji in the film and he said to Adi, what do you think about Govinda? Adi leapt out of his seat. It was such a genius idea to cast him for this role. I can’t tell you how surreal I am feeling. It’s like I am tripping on acid or something. I can’t believe it only…( Chuckles)

Amitabh Bachchan has been all praises for you all over twitter and in the media. He even sent you a hand written note congratulating you on your performance in Ram Leela.
My whole thing was to become an actor watching these guys. I was born in 1985, so you’ve been born into Amitabh Bachchan, Govinda and Anil Kapoor. Then you grow with Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan. You grow into Akshay Kumar and then you grow into Hrithik Roshan. By that time meri umar ho gayi thi and I was ready to become a hero (giggles). They are the reasons why I wanted to be an actor. It was a very special moment for me especially when I received a hand written note from him after Ram Leela. I was nominated for Best Actor for all the award functions for Ram Leela but I got the first award of the season before anybody. I got my award and I said it also. What a guy I mean, he is Amitabh Bachchan, the icon of India forget Hindi Films, he is the icon of the country. Shaad was explaining to me that if I draw a silhouette of Michael Jackson, you can recognise its him, if you draw a silhouette of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, you can recognise that it is Amitabh Bachchan. I mean that is the testament to his greatness. 


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