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TSI | Issue Dated: April 22, 2007
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GRAVE NUPTIALS How would it feel if your wedding ring rolls out from between an old stack of books, where you’d cautiously hidden it away years ago after separating from your spouse... Be wiser and ensure your past doesn’t come crashing back with Jill Testa’s ingenious wedding ring coffins! A divorcee based in New York, Testa came up with the idea to symbolically ‘close the lid on that chapter of your life’. She started the company ‘Wedding Ring Coffin’ that manufactures miniature coffins – 6”x2” wooden boxes with velvet ring inserts – that also come with a choice of personalised inscriptions, like ‘I do NOT’ and are priced at $30! The purpose of this endeavour is to give marriage a final resting place. For all who talk about burying the past and moving on – you can now put it away with your own hands!
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