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TSI | Issue Dated: April 22, 2007
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FOR YOUR PERU(SAL)! South America makes for a perfect holiday. If it happens to be in Peru or República del Perú as it is known in the local language Spanish, you’re assured of some feliz (happy), fun-filled times in amigo land. Once the cradle of the Inca Empire, its multi-cultural milieu is what makes Peru an intriguing destination for travellers. For a glimpse into the exotic world... head straight to the ancient capital of Cuzco, or rediscover the lost city of Machu Pichu and muse over the Nazca lines.

The continent’s archaeological capital Cuzco, besides being an important link in the South American travel network, also has the reputation of being the oldest continuously inhabited city. Lima offers a contrast, where you’ll find remarkable architecture in the form of world class museums, vibrant nightlife and friendly people. It is also a large, polluted metro that ironically attracts poor highlanders and villagers in search of greener pastures. Eastern Peru primarily consists of tropical jungles of the Amazon rainforests, while to the southeast, lies Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world! The city of Arequipa is where almost every building is made of sillar, a light-coloured volcanic rock, thanks to the surrounding mountains including El |Misti volcano.

Believed to be at the top of the list of travellers, the Peruvian Andes are the continent’s most beautiful mountains that beckon trekkers and mountaineers from across the world. Of course, interactions with the indigenous highlanders who make a living in these mountains is an added bonus, opening a window into the lives of these fascinating tribes, that provide a cultural experience like none other. Go on, open your mind to an experience uniquely singular.
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