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Father, son got each other killed in Tamil Nadu


K.THIRUNAVUKKARASU | Chennai, December 24, 2011 19:45
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A lover calls his girl friend's (un)feeling towards him as "kolaveri" (murderous rage) because she is not reciprocating his love for her. If he calls his girl friend's apathy as kolaveri what would you call this Tamil Nadu father & son duo's kolaveri who plotted to kill each other and got both killed in the end by the same henchman they hired.

This is one of the most intriguing and chilling story that reminds us the plots of Sydney Sheldon stories. And expectedly it has created sensation in Tamil Nadu.

Sixty-three-year old Vibeeshnan, a retired school headmaster, was living with his son Vijayaganapathy (36) in a village called Molacchur, 70Km away from Chennai.

They belonged to a well off family. Recently both were arrested for killing Sundari (30), wife of Vijayaganapathy and were jailed in Vellore Central Prison. Within a few days after father and son secured bail and came out of jail, both disappeared one after another.

Kanniammal (60), wife of Vibeeshnan, who initially believed that her son and husband were hiding in somewhere in Mumbai to avoid embarrassment in the village got suspicious later and lodged a complaint with Sunguvarchatram police. The police investigations unearthed an extraordinary plot that is perfectly suitable to a best thriller movie.

On the basis of her complaint, the police arrested Saravanavel (26), and questioned him. He spilled the beans and confessed of killing both the father and son. Both the father and son shared the same cell with Saravanavel, who was in jail in a theft case, in Vellore Central Prison, and became friends with him.

In prison, Vijayaganapathy came to know that his father was an abettor in his wife's murder and wanted to avenge his father by killing him. He approached Saravanavel and hired him. But, Saravanavel double-crossed him and informed Vibeeshnan about his son's plan. In turn the father hired him to kill his son. So, simultaneously he became the henchman of both the father and son duo but devised his own plans.

First, Saravanavel came out of jail on bail in May 2011. He approached Kanniammal and took a lot of money from her to secure bail for her husband. The father came out of jail but went missing within a few days and when Kanniammal asked him about his whereabouts he said he has been hiding in Mumbai and will out later. Moreover, he kept on taking money from her by telling to secure bail for her son and send money to husband.

Vijayaganapathy also went missing once he came out of jail. By this time, he took around Rs.23 lakh from Kanniammal. After both went missing he stopped meeting Kanniammal and avoided her when she tried to contact him. She got suspicious and lodged a complaint with the police.

Within 48 hours after receiving the complaint, a special police team led by Deputy Superintendent of Police R Gajendra Kumar nabbed him at Wallajah town, 40 Km away from Kancheepuram. He confessed to the police that he killed both and buried them at a cashew grove in Karukkuppetai village near Kanceepuram town.

According to his confession, he killed Vibeeshnan first after transferring 15 acres of his land to his name. Later, he took Vijayaganapathy to the cashew grove to show him where he has buried his father and killed him and buried him at the same place.

The bodies (skeleton) were exhumed in the presence of police officers and forensic science experts and sent for postmortem.

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