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TSI | Issue Dated: April 1, 2007
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EUPHORIA RUNS IN OUR BLOOD Your article on cricket, cinema and India was well written. We Indians watch cricket or enjoy our movies because that is where we find some sort of role models or heroes who are missing in real life. Also, both Bollywood and cricket are means of escapism. We are so tired of our daily grind that we look for entertainment to ease the tension. Cricket also serves one more purpose perhaps, unknowingly – it gives us a shot of adrenaline! Cricket is like a drug running in our blood. We curse our cricket team, hate it when it loses, burn effigies and after a gap of a few months all is forgotten and again we sit glued to the TV, watching the next match. We applaud when a hero bashes up ten goondas on screen, or a cricketer hits a six, but do we know the name of any of the top 10 Indian scientists who must have slogged for hours in the laboratory? This just makes India a nation of dreamers!

Santosh Mohan Joshi

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