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Draped in pleasure


The Paradise Island Resort and Spa in Maldives is where your mind and body melt into a meditative world. Spriha Srivastava shares her experience...
SPRIHA SRIVASTAVA | New Delhi, April 20, 2013 13:10
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Imagine drifting into your dreams with the cool breeze caressing you, where the sounds of the rustling leaves are in harmony with the tunes of the flute and where the rushing waves add to the melody. And when you wake up, each muscle of your body breathes a new life, the colours around you become more vivid, your mind feels relaxed and body rejuvenated… this is exactly the experience that The Paradise Island Resort and Spa promises.  

As I landed on a thin strip of land with azure waters embracing it, rode through the choppy waters on a speed boat and then set foot on an island (Noth Male Atoll)in Maldives, I was certain that the vacation would be memorable for more reasons than one. I had chosen Maldives as my vacation destination to explore this pristine paradise and had booked myself in this resort for its extensive range of spa treatments. There are two things that one can indulge in at the Paradise Island Resort- water sports and the spa. Though I did both, however, visiting the spa was almost as frequent as the four meals of the day. In this island, the thrill of the spa begins with the walk from your room to the spa. The weather in Maldives is kind and comforting all year round, and so I did not have to slip my feet into any footwear, and instead, walked on the silken white sand bare-feet all the way to the spa. The chime of bells, the aroma of essential oils and a beautiful Indonesian woman greeted me. “Welcome Madame”, she said with a sweet smile and showed me the way to the reception area. Regular spa visitors would be familiar with the usual spa rituals. First, a cool welcome drink is offered and then a menu mentioning the massages.

I first opted for the full body massage with muscle rejuvenating aroma oils. And for those fighting tirelessly to cope up with the grind of city life, this massage was precisely what the muscles are aching for. Soon after downing the welcome drink, I was escorted by my masseuse to the chambers. The massages and treatments follow the Southeast Asian pattern with a contemporary approach. The chambers are designed such that one doesn’t feel the confines. There isn’t any roof above your head and walls around you. It’s the sky, the trees and the peaceful atmosphere that envelope you. On the way to the changing room, my masseuse took me through the process of the massage. During the talk, they also try and subtly sell other massages and packages. I was told about the treatments for my skin and hair and well, I didn’t blink before buying the idea and the package. But here’s a quick word about the rate card. The charges are all in dollars and include taxes as well, so beware of the price of giving in to temptation.

In the tree-lined massage chamber, the light instrumental music wafted by as the gooey solution was slathered over my form; I felt like I was in an abode beyond this world. I had to be woken up from my slumber after the 90-minute long massage. “Do you feel relaxed Madame? Do you want me to massage any tensed muscle?” asked the lady and I wished I could ask for a repeat. She handed over a robe and a towel and guided me to the artificially created waterfall where I could scrub the oil off my skin. “Madame, when you’re done, please go to the steam chamber. A steam bath is important for skin rejuvenation”, she explained. With the shower and steam done, I walked back to the reception where a refreshing cup of green tea greeted me. There are various kinds of treatments available at the spa, the best one being the Lobi-Dobi Erotica Massage (recommended especially for honeymooners) where a thick herbal paste is spread all over the body after a massage and then you’re wrapped with fresh banana leaves; followed by sauna and then a jacuzzi dip, the rule being ‘clothes strictly prohibited’! Shirodhara is a known treatment for the hair and headaches, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’d want to experience it - being placed under the steel pot that drips oil over your forehead; one of the most popular pictures used in articles about spas.

This spa also addresses vanity affairs like hair styling, nail art etc. I didn’t avail this opportunity, but instead, on all treated my mind, muscles and skin with a whole gamut of massages. And after this experience here, you’d be compelled to follow the instruction of your masseuse, which is, ‘Visit us again soon, madame.’ 

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