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Daily waste causing havoc in Kerala


K SUNIL KUMAR | Kochi, January 15, 2012 18:37
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Has anyone ever thought that a small kit of waste produced everyday in a house can become a big social problem? Kerala, the state having highest literacy rate in India is facing a major social problem of waste disposal and dumping in major cities including Thiruvananthapuram, the prestigious capital city.
Waste disposal from the capital city is in a deadlock after villagers of Vilappil Sala, the dumping yard of Thiruvananthapuram Corporation, started blocking vehicles carrying garbage collected from the city. According to the villagers, waste dumping in the garbage treatment plant has made their life miserable. The leachate flows to water in nearest rivers making it polluted and this polluted water is used for drinking by villagers. The intolerable stench from the plant and pollution of water and air prompted the people to protest against indiscriminate waste dumping. They have started an indefinite protest and satyagraha for shifting the plant to some other location, forcing the Vilappil Panchayath authorities to close down the plant. 
As the trucks were blocked by the people, the Corporation authorities were unable to dispose huge quantity of garbage collected from houses, flats, hospitals and offices. Thanks to severe stench and filthiness due to which the life in the city has become miserable. Health experts cautioned that if this situation continues, the city will become a breeding ground of severe diseases like dengue fever, jaundice, malaria and other problems.
Even after 20 days of standstill, nothing has been done to solve the woes of the people. The Corporation authorities or the State Government could not suggest a concrete proposal to settle this issue. Now, the issue has been taken to the High Court of Kerala. The court appointed a commission to inspect the problems of Villppilsala plant. “Till now we have managed to dispose the garbage at various places in the city possessed by the Government. But now it has reached its maximum level,” told K Chandrika, the Mayor of Corporation.
At the same time, an order from the High Court has allowed Corporation of Kochi and other 14 Municipalities to dump their waste in Brahmapuram garbage treatment plant, founded by Corporation, which ignited the ire of villagers. The people of Vadavukode- Puthaenkurisu and Kunnathunadu panchayats observed a hartal yesterday to protest against high court's order. And they also carried out a people’s march towards High Court to register their protest. It is learned that the Corporation dumps 70 trucks of waste collected from various parts of the city in the Brahmapuram plant which is not functioning. Though the Corporation has already spent Rs 30 crores for establishing the plant, yet there is no processing of waste for more than one and half year.
On the same day, agitation against dumping waste in Chelora trenching ground in Kannur District turned to a tensed situation when truck carrying garbage entered in to the satyagraha panthal and caused injury to a leader of the action committee. The people in Chelora are on the path of struggle against dumping for the past three weeks.
Njeliyanparambu in Kozhikkode, Vadavathur in Kottayam, Kureeppuzha in Kollam, Laloor in Thrissur are other places infected by garbage problems to be solved.
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