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ANJUM HUSAIN, AMU, ALIGARH | Issue Dated: April 22, 2007
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COLOURS OF THE VALLEY Thank you for bringing the similiarities between Kashmiri Muslims and Pandits to the fore. The write-up Still green is my Valley! made a poignant read, especially for people like me who come from the vicinity of village Hutmura. The inter-faith bond that exists between the two communities is not restricted to Hutmura alone, and is ubiquitous across the Valley. I have seen many Kashmiri Muslims staying with their Pandit brothers, instead of booking a hotel while in Jammu. Moreover, this brotherly attitude extends to Sikhs as well. The people of the Valley owe a debt to TSI for having brought such facts to light. This objectivity will certainly help clear the misconceptions about Kashmiris.
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