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AMAZE: The world shows up!


… and to begin with, it was only a B-School fest!
RAVI INDER SINGH | Issue Dated: December 14, 2008
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AMAZE: The world shows up! It was celebration with a cause at the Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) when its annual management and cultural fest, Amaze, came to life on the 12th, 13th and 14th of November. With ‘One Earth, Let’s Heal It’ as the theme, it was only befitting that participants from 18 countries had turned up to make it a mega success. On the evening of 11th, the Indian Handicrafts Emporium venue came alive in a plethora of colours, floral decorations, heritage structures – even a spectacularly illuminated Taj Mahal replica – to welcome guests from across the globe.

The first event at the Festival was ‘Crushed Ice’, the icebreaker round. Eminent personalities including Anil Rajput (Head, Corporate Affairs, ITC), Mukesh Tyagi (MD, Punj Lloyd), Dipinder Hooda (Member of Parliament), Sandeep Hooda, Anil Kaul (Director, Marketing, Ambuja Cement), Naresh Dayal (Secretary, Union Health Ministry), and Pratima Dayal (Chief Economist, ADB) among others graced the occasion. After Prof Arindam Chaudhuri, (Honorary Dean, IIPM) inaugurated the event, the crowd pulled out all stops when it came to enjoying themselves! AMAZE: The world shows up! Real action commenced at IIPM’s international campus with ‘Clash of the Titans’ – the Global Debate Challenge prelims. The winner won a trip to London. In the Business Plan event, the budding business barons were judged by Pankaj Parnami (Founder Director, KPO consultants) and Prof Sumanta Sharma. Other popular events included Best Manager, Creative Writing, Ad-Guru, Flip Back and Treasure Hunt. The much-awaited evenings had an exciting line-up of rounds. Whilst the choreography teams set the stage on fire, the winner of the Solo Singing Competition walked away with a free trip to Switzerland. Mr and Ms Amaze won Rs 50,000 each. The Fashion Show highlighted the Amaze 2008 raison d’etre, with a slide-show illustrating global problems and suggested solutions. Adding lustre to the glitzy affair were Mukesh Tyagi (last seen on screen in “Fashion”), Shahnaz Husain (celebrated beautician), Muzaffar Ali (fashion designer), Salma Sultan (TV personality), Karishma Agarwal (MD, Galaxy Group of Hotels and lead dancer in Shiamak Davar’s troupe). Amaze 2008 thus delivered every bit of the fun that was promised, all the way to the grand finale.

On the evening of 14th November, DJ Suketu churned his latest chartbusters at Sun City Gardens and soon the jostling crowd succumbed to the dance beats. But the best was yet to come! Delhi witnessed its finest retro fiesta ever when Boney M featuring Marcia Barrett stepped on the stage and there followed 60 minutes of exhilarating music, as an audience of over 15,000 swung to the tunes of “Rasputin”, “Belfast”, “Rivers of Babylon” and yes... “Daddy Cool”.

At the end of the day, IIPM’s fest, Amaze, proved to be an apt forum to bring together youth from across the globe and advance synergy, peace and tolerance to the world – a mission well accomplished! Retro reprise

In conversation with Marcia Barrett

What kind of music was Boney M influenced by?

I can’t speak for everyone but I was influenced by The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen and Barbara Streisand and many others. I was influenced by a whole range of music before I started to sing.

How did the Boney M band come together?

I was a soloist earlier, I was an established vocalist in Germany, handling my own shows. I heard this producer was seeking people for his band, especially black people. I was a bit reluctant at first but then I decided that I should give it a break and I am glad I made that move.

How much of Boney M is in Marcia Barrett and how much of Marcia Barrett is in Boney M?

I would say quite a bit. My voice is there in most of Boney M music. I am a vital part of the sound of Boney M, and that’s what people buy even before the video is launched. I brought my know-how, how to sing – my gift from god – how to execute everything well with Boney M.

When you are on stage, do you still get the same response from the crowd as the yesteryears?

Yes, being the only Boney M member I get a great response from people. I feel that I’m the last one so I get the same enthusiasm from the audience. It is incredible, it feels great to see that people are happy to see at least one from the original group.

There must have been creative differences within the band; how did you cope with those?

No, it didn’t happen to us. We always had tons of writers. “Breakaway” was written for me specially. We never had a situation in which members would say that I would like to sing this or that. It was up to the record company. Soon you’ll hear my “Survival” album. It’s all from my personal experiences, when I was healing.

What changes do you see in the current music scenario?

I think they are more like “gilli gilli gilli” … (laughs) There are quite a few good artists. They are good in dancing and they have good bodies. On the whole, I am a little disappointed though. They tend to follow trends. They think if they are not like others, they are not in.

What keeps you busy besides touring?

There is a new CD coming up. I wish it was out soon so that my fans could know what we’re up to. It’s an exciting album and it’ll make people want to keep hearing Boney M.
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