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A summer's day...


PRASHANTO BANERJI, FEATURES EDITOR | New Delhi, April 20, 2013 12:48
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Carpe diem! Seize the day! Just go ahead and seize this summer’s day for somewhere far away from where you stand today, under the shade of the whistling palms, swings a hammock, waiting, waiting just for you. It has been waiting a long time, just like the pair of Mammuts waiting in your closet. You had thought you will finally start trekking next summer when you picked up the shoes while souvenir hunting in Interlaken. But that was many summers ago and the mountains and the Mammuts are yet to meet.

Treks take too long and you’ll have more time next summer you’d thought. That virgin beach is too isolated for this summer, let the kids grow a little older, you had reasoned the other year. But what about the DIY drive to Ladakh? Everyone’s cousin seems to be doing that one. What stopped you?

I know… you stopped you!

And yet another summer shall pass you by. You’ll be older, the wait would have grown longer and while the mountains and the oceans will bide their time, you dear reader, have only so much left of it. So leave little for the summers to come and pack your bags and seize the day.

Who knows what world we will wake up to tomorrow, so start walking towards your true north today…

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