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12 reasons why Modi could be the best PM India has ever seen!


ARINDAM CHAUDHURI | New Delhi, March 22, 2014 13:41
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Do not worry, I am a student of economics and I do not buy Modi’s highly publicized theories of development. Nor am I being paid by him, as the gaumless AAP supporters bombing my Facebook page doltishly claim, as the popularity of AAP plummets to new lows with each new immature statement and puerile act from Kejriwal (the latest being that he will jail all those media people who write against him)! But it’s very clear to me that the nation has been fooled for far too long by incapable leaders and it’s definitely time for us for once to give a chance for the first time ever in our history to a real leader. Before I speak further, let me clarify a few things. Gujarat is a high growth state but that doesn’t mean that this is due to a Modi miracle alone. Gujarat has always been a high growth state and the same pace has been retained by Modi, more or less. In fact, in the last one decade, in terms of growth, Maharashtra has been better off; in terms of human development, Kerala has been far ahead; and in terms of poverty reduction, Tamil Nadu has been far better. Yet, it’s Modi who has somehow been able to market it down our throats that there is something called Modinomics! This, despite the fact that BJP is a party that lacks any credible economist at the top. So why do I still want “Ab ki baar Modi sarkar”?

My previous editorial on 12 reasons to reject Kejriwal ( was highly appreciated, as well as criticised. So this time, here are my 12 reasons for Modi; what could even make him the best Prime Minister that India has ever seen.

#1. I haven’t seen leader-material better than Modi in Indian politics since my childhood; and elders do say that post Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, India has not witnessed a leader who can speak as assertively and as clearly as Modi does! Personally, I am tired of spineless leaders representing the country and would love to see a leader who can stand up to world leaders and make them take note of India.

#2. Modi’s vision of growth is what India needs. Gujarat may not be the role model, but Modi is growth focussed, and such economic growth – rather than populist doles like free water and electricity – can take care of all our ills, and can equip people to make them independent.

#3. Modi may have seen an unfortunate riot happening during the initial part of his reign, and the Supreme Court may have correctly or incorrectly given him a clean chit, but the fact as they say is that the best apology is in never repeating a mistake. And while before and after 2002, we have seen hundreds of riots taking place all around in India, we haven’t seen another one in Gujarat! If that’s what Modi believes in and commits himself to, then we have a real man who believes in amending his mistakes instead of forwarding pretentious apologies.

#4. Modi has embraced industrialists and has shown himself to be a friend of free market, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he is corrupt and won’t take care of the masses. He surely looks like a man of words. Gujarat may not be a leader in Human Development Indexes, but it has some great aspects. For example, in terms of access to schooling, Muslims in Gujarat are better placed than Hindus. And that’s great news. Likewise, throughout India, I would love to see Dalits and Muslims getting far better access to education than what they have currently.

#5. Modi looks to be a man of reforms, and the business sector needs some desperately. We can’t have an unpredictable government that can introduce any taxes with retrospective effect from time to time and harass the business community, which is giving India all its growth and employment. Nor can we have anyone who doesn’t understand the significance of the business community and whose thoughts are suspect.

#6. Modi has an image that he doesn’t take bribes and doesn’t let people take bribes. IAS officers swear that they haven’t seen a better decision maker than him. We need a firm decision maker like Modi, especially after seeing the intellectually deficient and insensate Manmohan Singh for a decade.

#7. In Modi’s Gujarat, the crime rate is the lowest amongst all big states of India. My friends in Gujarat swear that they have no fear of thefts or rapes in Gujarat. And any rare crime that takes place is solved within hours, making criminals extremely fearful of committing any crime. After Delhi becoming the rape capital of the world, we need a leader who can control crime.

#8. Good governance is Modi’s promise. Good governance is surely not about pointing fingers randomly at others! It’s about walking the talk. And here is a man who has walked the talk for 12 years and more, and shown how to win hearts and make a progressive state with good governance.

#9. We need to break away from dynastic politics of unilateral, closed-door, secretive, mother and child decision making. Thus, getting a party like BJP to power, which does have a central committee democratically taking decisions, is a must and will restore our faith in democracy.

#10. Modi has a mature head on stable shoulders. He would do well for India vis-à-vis our global relations. I shudder at the thought of a Rahul Gandhi or Arvind Kejriwal trying to speak on geopolitical effects of the American army withdrawing from Afghanistan or the Chinese might, or even of Russia taking over Crimea. We need a mature leader with a clear vision for India to become the next big superpower.

#11. Americans denied him a visa. I hope Modi will never forget that and ergo make friendships where they are required – that is, with China and Russia – to make a new global equation in the balance of power. It’s not G8 that the world needs; the world needs the circle of 3 –  India-China-Russia – to have a peaceful and culturally superior planet. And I hope Modi will be the man to forge that.

#12. Finally, on a lighter vein, the very fact that he will come after Manmohan Singh will in any case make Modi look like the best PM ever! What a contrast and relief it will be! Let’s all give this man a chance! India denied Sardar Patel a fair chance to be the PM during his times; we must not do the same with Modi.

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Posted By: S.B | Jaipur | May 5th 2014 | 15:05
Dear all, i belong to UP, but i live in Jaipur for my profession, UP is the most Horrible Place to Live, no electricity, no roads, no system, Ultimately Neta is Neta. There are lot of things which are still to be covered since our freedom 1947, who are these people, all are Politicians, (Rulers), they will rule and nothing will happened, its not easy to run a country as a state, people think that india will become "Sone Ki Chidiay" again, that is impossible. Because Huge Debts on India from world bank.
Posted By: sangharsh Swarnakar | Nepal | April 24th 2014 | 09:04
Hi I am from nepal and I too like to see modi as a next pm he is highly spiritual and materialistic too he can give india a new direction! ! All the best "ab ki baar modi sarkar"
Posted By: Vijay Singh | Gujarat | April 22nd 2014 | 17:04
Love it! Too good article with truth
Posted By: RD Malav | New Delhi | April 22nd 2014 | 13:04
realistic assessment...... from the perspective of country's benefit in broader perspective v/s individual party politics benefit in longer term.
Posted By: Rama Kant Misra | Kanpur | April 20th 2014 | 23:04
Iagreed with Mr Arindam - Modi has showsall the capabilities as cm n now country wants to see him as PM
Posted By: Ravi Goplani | Surat, Gujarat | April 20th 2014 | 00:04
क्या खूब कहा हे सर आपने।।। काश भारत देश के लोग ऎसे आर्टिकल टाइम निकाल के पढ़े ।।।
Posted By: Kumar | Mumbai | April 19th 2014 | 17:04
Although I'm from Mumbai I frequently travel to Gujarat. Once I was scouting for a small decent auditorium in Surat and I was asked to check out the science center. I reached the venue only to find a swanky building with a reception that reminded me of airlines. Sure enough the treatment was 5 star like and a person was deputed to show me the Auditorium. The guy spent 15 min with me showing all the lighting arrangements and sound system, answering patiently every question I had. Let me tell you this facility is state of the art and much better than the facility I used in 5 star hotels in Mumbai. I asked which group owns this amazing facility & his answer shocked me. He said this is a municipal facility and I simply stood there admiring the facility & the serving attitude of the staff. Anyone who have dealt with Mumbai Muncipal staff will know what I’m talking about. I have one more experience to share. I had taken up an assignment and had to live and work in Vapi for over an year. During the last assembly election my admin guy, Hussain -23 yrs old, walked in excitedly to show his inked finger stating that it is a historic day for him. Since it was unethical to ask him who he had voted I remained silent & appreciated him. Exactly a week after that incident Ejaz (24 yr old) our accounts assistant approached me for permission to leave an hour early. Upon inquiring he said there is a celebration in his locality as their candidate had won. Now was my turn to ask which candidate and he quizzically looked at me and said ‘ Sir aap Mumbai mein nahin ho ab, aap Gujarat mein ho, Yeh Modi ki jagah hain’. I asked him why do you support him and he said ‘ So much of prosperity ,we have jobs, water, electricity & good roads and most importantly no nuisance of Bandh like you have in Mumbai’. So my friends the ground reality is entirely different. I have only one request to all ‘Modi haters’ like Amitabh says in the advt ‘ Ek baar toh aayiye Gujrat mein’. I would support a chaiwala rathar than desh bechne wala.
Posted By: Raj | Bangalore | April 18th 2014 | 17:04
This is 100% True ..i like it .. Nice Nice This is all our Views--Great Arindam
Posted By: Nawang | Jammu | April 17th 2014 | 11:04
Right sir, you write a fine article about Narendra Modi. He is a man of strong heart with determined spirit. I like his confidence & knowledge about world affairs & modern think & needs. Well write Arindam sir!
Posted By: Manoj Nair | Pune | April 16th 2014 | 20:04
Good one Arindam..India needs Modi..let the true colors of India shine in Modi's leadership☆☆☆
Posted By: Kishore Kumar | Hyderabad | April 16th 2014 | 19:04
The best analysis of Mr Arindam regarding Mr Modi and suggestions at para 10 & 11 are realistic hats up to arindam this is times call for modi ( Samaya ka pukar MODI ke liyee)
Posted By: abhishek sharma | Patna | April 15th 2014 | 17:04
vry true....i m sure he'll be our next pm.....
Posted By: KamShah | Canada | April 15th 2014 | 06:04
Excellent Observation and true perspective of a real man. I completely agree with big 3-RIC as again the G-8 for a better planet.
Posted By: Ronak | London | April 15th 2014 | 03:04
Modi is man who can rule India with Positive vibe. vote for modi. give chance to India to live life again. i must appricated Arindam view.
Posted By: Rameshvari | London | April 15th 2014 | 03:04
Modi is best for India at the moment. i had never seen strong wile power Man like Him. Modi thoughts are Epic and great. He need chance to prove him. lets vote for him. my best wishes. really great analysis by Arinadam
Posted By: Harsh Vardhan | Bangalore | April 14th 2014 | 17:04
I can't imagine paying my hard earned money as tax to a person as dumb as RG, if the congress comes into power this there is something seriously wrong with the people of India...n just the thought of having an authoritative leader at the top in form of Modi is what gives goose bumps !!!!
Posted By: karthika | Bangalore | April 13th 2014 | 12:04
Its very clear article about Modi. good
Posted By: Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari | Kolkata | April 11th 2014 | 16:04
A brillant unbiased article about a person who is the one person in the hearts of all with all hope for a better India. I met Modi personally talked with him for 45 minutes i know how deeply he is spiritually anchored too! I long to see him as the next PM! Thanks Arinadam for such a wonderful analysis!!!
Posted By: naveen | Bangalore | April 11th 2014 | 15:04
Too good..
Posted By: Anshul | India | April 11th 2014 | 14:04
True words written by Arindam. If we can give multiple chances to the corrupt politicians since freedom then why not we give a chance to a clean leader like Modi.
Posted By: bipraraj roy | New Delhi | April 11th 2014 | 12:04
This article you wrote is really knowledgeable and appreciable. But i will be more happy to be answered my 4 questions : #1. Dont you think that Kejariwal has more leadership material and is more influential than Narendra Modi? We barely knew that person(kejariwal) few months before, now everyone knows him. He is soft spoken person.He is far more educated than Modi.He is more clear in words than Modi. And we need an educated person as a PM.He is younger,strong,clear and fast.All members of AAP are new and enthusiastic and from good educational background. #2 I am a little confused at Modi's contribution for the development of Gujrat. It's a rich state for many reasons. AAP worked in very fast pace with trying to change many things in Delhi only within one month.So, if they come for five years, we can expect that it will be far better than any party till now.I have seen their manifesto, its very clear and covered all points of growth. #3 Saying merely that Modi has seen a bad happening in Gujrat, we should not avoid his leadership-role of that riot which killed our many muslim brothers and sisters.They were also Indians.We have the footage on internet. How we can see such shameless person as a PM of India? Can we ? How the muslim community will be safe in india ? 4# Modi said he will make the country corruption free, looks like a copy paste from AK but can he bring the black money from outside India? Did he/his party promise?.
Posted By: Rama Shankar Singh | Indore | April 12th 2014 | 20:04
Mr.Kejriwal is not stable,No one knows what he thinks what is his aim ?He is not nationalist.He has no plan for development of country except to oppose the main two national Parties.
Posted By: Vinoth | Chennai | April 12th 2014 | 21:04
We have already seen from Manmohan Singh, who is widely regarded as the most educationally qualified leader in the world(he has degrees from Cambridge and Oxford),that education of a leader has got no relevance to their governance. What India needs now is a bold and courageous leader who can change the status quo ;not an educated puppet.
Posted By: Murthy Aswini Kumar | Bhubaneswar | April 14th 2014 | 04:04
Ohhh... plz Mr.Bipraja Roy, i would like to say that Mr.A.K is simply a big zero. He knows how to speak only, execution part is not there.The way AAP is working thats not the proper way. One day they r showing their generosity by coming on metros but from very next day in V.I.P nos. Its not a movie, where u r acting. people voted u in delhi bcz they were frustrated of cong. but what u did ??? u made alliance with them again ?? Y so ?? U made the promises which can never be fulfilled. Only making the public fool. & another thing more educated doesn't mean that he is good administrator or good leader. Leader never born from books, its the result of their attitude which present with in themselves....
Posted By: CM | Delhi | April 16th 2014 | 23:04
The only problem with AAP is that even if they get elected, what is the guarantee that would not resign in 40 days. Kejriwal made a mockery of the Delhi people who supported him in large numbers and then resigned in 40 days doing nothing. No promises fulfilled. He is a man of words and only words
Posted By: Vikas Patel | Surat (Florida,USA) | April 20th 2014 | 08:04
we saw what leadership skills he has.. if terrorist attack he will go for Dharna. if china attack, he will go for Janmat Sangrah... these is not d way to run country. Its ok to b minister not to b prime minister... we saw a performance of one loser in last 10 yrs. we can't take risk for another 10yrs. Sorry, you can ask any Gujarati(Except Congress, BJP, and AAP Worker) about Gujarat development. no1 will denied. I lived in Maharashtra for 10 yrs trvelled to UP,MP, Andhra and Karnataka... Gujarat Villages are far far better than those places. My Family Still Lives in Village Near Surat(Guj). and I can show him more than 100 well developed villeges of gujarat with cement road, water purifier plant, big schools with sports ground, toilet. Computer lab. And 100% electricity, water facility for farmers. Human Safety and security of property and 100% mobile, phone, internet connectivity, Govt hospital and doctor connectivity with villages and very good governance. GUjarati Aam Aadmi will never support him. thats fact
Posted By: jayesh patel | Pune | April 24th 2014 | 15:04
how do u think,kejriwal can deal with terrorism, rural development, water scarcity, electicity problema across india. giving them free is not essential, providng the rural with essential things is. may be u cant understand , educated person is not essential , a guy who can make educated person work for him to his full extent for betterment of india. os what matters.
Posted By: Haren Asar | Mumbai | April 30th 2014 | 11:04
AAP/AK had chance to govern Delhi but he blew it & made tall promises which after coming to power realised that not possible for him to fulfill. Had he stayed & focussed on good governance in Delhi he would have made good entry country wise but he seems man in a hurry & wanted to occupy Big seat.
Posted By: Madhura | New Delhi | May 2nd 2014 | 23:05
Kejriwal might be a good man but what India needs is a good leader and policy maker. AAP is a very immature party. I say this because, they do not have any definite policy about India's defence, Education, and many other important national matters. Therefore, I think Modi is the best candidate for India. I think that AAP should wait 5 more years learn a bit more about countries policies and politics and contest the next elections with a strong manifesto.
Posted By: Singh | Pune | May 3rd 2014 | 00:05
#There is no comparison between Namo and AK leadership and AK got once chance in new delhi and everyone knows what happened:)remember Janshaba by AK and check how Modi is doing this Janshaba from last 10 yrs in Gujarat. Think about situation if AK become PM and decide to do Dharna,Should Obama will come to listen him? MMS was highly educated and is a worse PM so far so higher education should not be parameter. How many case AK raised when he was in IT department? To run a country one has to prove in small game like running a state which AK failed completely where Modi has proven record. what is the AAP view on Kashmir?After SIT reports you still talking about Gujarat riots then which type of agency you want to investigate this case? Has anyone talked anything what happened in Godhra before 2002 riots? Its very easy to raise fingre on any one..BTW do you know how many riots happened in India after 1947 but you only remember 2002 and forgot that in Modi governance not a single riot claimed in last 10 years.MR
Posted By: shobha v bhat | Dharwad | March 28th 2014 | 11:03
Modi may be an able leader, but democracy is not a oneman show.In this age of coalition government, each small is aspiring to become the next PM.His own party members are not an exception. This time let his ability to take them together be put to atest.
Posted By: ajay | Chandigarh | April 11th 2014 | 05:04
the democracy also needs strong leaders who are good visionary and honest administrator.
Posted By: Rakshith | Bangalore | March 28th 2014 | 09:03
I personally believe that there is no harm in giving a chance to modi. After 60 years of rule if a party is still saying Gareebi Hatao it means that there is something wrong
Posted By: shamboo nath | Hydrabad | March 27th 2014 | 23:03
awesome blog.
Posted By: suresh dash | Charbatia, cuttack.odisha | April 12th 2014 | 21:04
Yes.I admit.we should bring a change this time and time will doubt modi is fittest personto be pm of our country to combat dynastic rule in a large democraticunion.
Posted By: tnt nair | Mumbai | March 24th 2014 | 17:03
A heart warming article. There is a psychological barrier that prevents the minorities from accepting Modi.If you have noticed, anything that is good for the majority community or any person even remotely connected with hinduism per se is vehemently opposed by the minorities including the educated Christians. May be it is so because they were brought up so, lest they be absorbed back into the all embracing liberal hindu fold. Whatever, our venal secularists make it ferociously so. Can you please explain this phenomenon logically? Thank you.
Posted By: kuber sodari | Nepal | April 21st 2014 | 18:04
there is perfection in modi. He seems determined and loyal with his words. so whatever you have analysed about him is all true in a sense of seeing a great leader in india so far. thumbs up for that and to modi. (though I am not interested in political things. )
Posted By: neha | Dehradun | April 24th 2014 | 16:04
very genuine!
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