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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

US vulnerable to cyber-Pearl Harbour: Panetta

December 16, 2012 17:08

US Defence Secretary Leon E Panetta Sunday warned that the US faces the possibility of a cyber-Peal Harbour, becoming increasingly vulnerable to hackers who could cripple transportation and financial networks.

Delaying childbirth lowers breast cancer risk

December 13, 2012 14:38

Delaying childbirth by 15 years after menarche may lower the odds of an aggressive form of breast cancer by 60 percent, says a new study.

e-cigarettes may not be safe!

December 10, 2012 17:18

Electronic cigarettes, viewed as a healthy alternative to conventional smoking, may not be all that safe, says a latest study from Germany

Fewer, larger meals healthier for obese women

December 7, 2012 12:40

Consuming three huge meals instead of six small ones lowered the amount of fat in women's blood and gradually decreased risk of heart disease, says a study.

Eating tomatoes wards off depression?

December 5, 2012 18:03

If you have been feeling downcast and gloomy, then the best thing to do overcome this state of mind is to eat tomatoes a few times a week, say researchers.

'Exercise, mental activity vital for brain health'

November 30, 2012 11:01

Physical exercise is just as vital as mental activity in keeping the brain fit and healthy, according to an Australian research.

India sees highest-ever 35,000 dengue cases in 2012

November 27, 2012 17:05

India has recorded over 35,000 dengue cases in 2012, the highest number in a year so far, parliament was told Tuesday.

80 pc of Cuban AIDS patients since 1986 alive

November 27, 2012 13:49

The number of people diagnosed with AIDS in Cuba from 1986 to Oct 23, 2012 totals some 17,224, of whom 80 percent are still alive, official media said Monday.

Job loss could increase heart attack risk

November 20, 2012 17:28

Being out of work could up the risk of a heart attack and it could be worse for those who are fired or asked to leave.

'Faltering kidneys can hit mental functioning'

November 19, 2012 16:25

Faltering kidneys can hit mental processes involved in thinking, understanding, reasoning or remembering, according to an American study.

Mehndi may cause serious side effects: Doctors

November 11, 2012 14:26

Applying chemical-laced 'mehndi' (henna) on the hands can cause serious side effects including skin infection, doctors said, cautioning girls and women against using it.

Soon, a pacemaker fuelled by heartbeat

November 5, 2012 14:40

An experimental device could use the energy of the beating heart to keep the pacemaker going, doing away with battery replacements every five to seven years.

A 3D tool to track malformations in unborn heart!

November 1, 2012 14:04

Researchers have created a 3D map to pinpoint malformations in an unborn heart and how it can be damaged by alcohol, drugs and other factors

Smoking can causes asthma in third generation

October 31, 2012 11:51

The dangers of smoking on users and their children are known but new research demonstrates that it also can causes asthma in their grandchildren.

Super sensitive kit detects cancer, HIV early

October 29, 2012 13:48

Scientists have developed a super sensitive test kit -10 times more accurate than the gold standard methods currently available - to detect prostate cancer and viral infections at the earliest


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