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Friday, September 24, 2021

Detente, US-Pakistan style

November 9, 2013 15:39

Consequently, Pentagon reached out to its Trojan horse inside Pakistani administration, the then Islamabad's Ambassador

A Clear Case of Sabotage

November 9, 2013 15:17

Hopes for dialogue and a route to peace were dealt a bitter blow when Hakimullah Mehsud

Congress on Back Foot

November 1, 2013 13:27

The forthcoming assembly elections to the four states in the Hindi heartland could well be the curtain raiser for the Lok Sabha elections in 2004 and determine the future course of action of the BJP and its poster boy Narendra Modi.

Close to The Chest

November 1, 2013 13:13

By introducing Jyotiraditya Scindia as its poll campaign in charge of Madhya Pradesh, the Congress is beaming a very clear pan-Indian signal: the coming days in the party belong to the young. In neighbouring Chhattisgarh, by giving tickets to sons of Motilal Vora and Ajit Jogi, Rahul Gandhi has merely affirmed what he has said in public and within the party for a long time.

Raising a stink

October 25, 2013 19:45

India's leading political parties, the Congress and BJP, are at loggerheads on most issues, but none of them has created a stink of the kind witnessed recently...

Electrol Jigsaw

October 18, 2013 15:48

India is all set to witness the mother of all political battles when General Elections are held in 2014 for the 16th Lok Sabha. The political atmosphere is already charged up after the BJP

NOTA will not mean much

October 18, 2013 15:37

Political astrology is a dicey business. Also, so far as elections are concerned a somewhat clear and predictable scenario emerges

An Officer and a Gentleman

September 27, 2013 14:48

Indian army chiefs follow the traditional British pattern left behind as a shining legacy. An Indian Chief of Army Staff (COAS) spends little over two years in office in the limelight and then fades away

Shopping to arm

September 27, 2013 14:40

The Indian defence establishment is in the middle of one of its biggest arms purchases spree in recent times and the main vendor,

Upping the Ante

September 21, 2013 12:22

By choosing to formalize Narendra Modi as the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate and declining to entertain any opposition, the Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh

Communalism as windfall

September 21, 2013 11:47

With the General Elections a few months away, if a communal outrage takes place, political calculations cannot be too far away from the scene.

Diluting Terror

September 12, 2013 14:42

Is India's war on terror getting blunted because the consensus on how to fight and contain it, is getting diluted at the altar of petty politicking – or worse?

Meet Sonia as Indira

September 5, 2013 17:08

More than 40 years ago while facing a disillusioned and confused electorate in 1971, Indira Gandhi proclaimed: My opponents say Indira Hatao...I say Garibi Hatao.''

"We are Confident"

September 5, 2013 17:05

What harm is there in it when our party counts its achievements in the fields of education, technology, and food security.

"It is an election stunt..."

September 5, 2013 17:01

Congress only thinks for its vote and not for the country. In a true sense, the food bill is only an election strategy of Congress.


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