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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Indo-China ties in a multi polar world

January 17, 2014 13:29

On a recent interaction with Chinese think tanks, one interlocutor suggested that the Asian dynamic

Ex judge in sex harassment case

November 15, 2013 17:06

The Supreme Court has constituted a three-judge committee to go into the claims of a woman who has alleged that she was sexually harassed by

Punjab is most prosperous state

November 15, 2013 17:04

Punjab is India's most prosperous state and Kerala its most equitable, according to a CRISIL Insight report. While prosperity was measured by ownership pattern of consumer durables, equality was measured by the

Growth remains low

November 15, 2013 17:02

Industrial production posted a 2 per cent growth in September while inflation hit double digits at 10.09, underscoring the fact that a recovery is still far off, according to the Index of Industrial Production.

Companies scrimp on CSR

November 15, 2013 16:55

Only one in four companies is spending the required 2 per cent of their net profit on CSR-related activities as required by the Companies Act 2013

UN Award for Polio worker

November 15, 2013 16:53

Martha Dodray, a front line polio worker from Darbhanga, Bihar has been awarded the UN Foundation award for

Raj Mukherjee wins NJ Assembly seat

November 15, 2013 16:50

Raj Mukherjee, 29, has won the State Assembly polls in New Jersey becoming one of the youngest to be elected to the house.

Outstanding American award to rahul jindal

November 15, 2013 16:47

Rahul Jindal, a doctor of Indian, has been awarded the Outstanding American by Choice award for his contribution to US health sector.

Tarla Dalal

November 15, 2013 16:43

Tarla Dalal of the easy recipes passed away at the age of 77. The Padma Shree awardee leaves behind a collection of over 17,000 recipes and 170 cookbooks.

Political funding muddle

November 15, 2013 11:35

One measure of the discomfiture that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is causing is the list of questions sent its way to probe the possible foreign source of its funding

Navy's first

November 15, 2013 11:31

The Indian Navy has commissioned its first Advanced Light Weight Helicopter squadron, named the Indian Naval Air Squadron 322 at the Southern Command, Kochi.

Lion wars: Modi versus Akhilesh

November 15, 2013 11:28

Speaking at his rally in Bahraich, Narendra Modi mocked UP's chief minister for asking for two Asiatic lions for the proposed safari in Etawah

Domestic help woes

November 11, 2013 13:12

The arrest of BSP MP Dhananjay Singh and his wife Jagruti for destroying evidence and murder respectively of their 35-year-old maid has once again put an

Parties say no to opinion polls

November 11, 2013 13:07

All political parties, save the BJP, have voted against publication of opinion polls during election season.

Red planet odyssey

November 11, 2013 12:59

As far as national pride tickling moments go, the launch of the Mangalyan was unparalleled. A flawless lift off from Sriharikota was applauded across the country with former president APJ Abdul Kalam dubbing it a "great mission”.


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