What is it that brings women together? A fight for justice, equality, peace, development and a struggle to stand on equal footing with men. The International Women's Day celebrate this very faith and hope of women across the world. Its a time when stories of all women who fought and made a mark for themselves are remembered and issues that affect contemporary women are discussed and solutions sought at. This time around, March 8 holds special place in India since the day is being celebrated with the festival of colors, Holi. Let's hope this brings about more colors of satisfaction, freedom and happiness in the lives of women. Happy Women's Day!
Women better multi-tasking than men
From being feted, to being flirted with, Women's Day could be yet another day in your life. Just that, in 1909, the United States kicked off this business of marking a particular date on the ...
Bengali women rediscover them in post-Tagore era
Tagore has not only painted women as source of inspiration, but also advocated for gender equality through his poems and novels. But does he succeed in transformation of women in general? Is today’s women could ...
Poverty,in-laws force lady to fake pregnancy
As Bollywood survives only on ‘Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment’ Vidya seems not in a mood to leave a single stone unturned while promoting her upcoming film Kahaani. ...
Left on their fate
On March 8, when the International Women’s Day, is celebrated, NGOs and activists will talk about women empowerment and steps to address their issues. But for some 35 women of Kerala it will be just ...
What does it take to become a successful woman entrepreneur?
A question such as this does not have a simple answer. It may be better to first understand what it takes to a successful entrepreneur in India, male or female. Besides the understanding of the ...
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