'Mother', the word itself feels heaven. She is one who brings you to the earth and gives us hope to live. She is one sells her dreams to you and buys your suffering for the fulfillment of your dreams. By not committing the sin of restricting the feeling to just one day, lets celebrate this Mother's day with a special touch and love.
Colourful Walk marks Mother's Day in Kolkata
Shimul, an NGO working for the future mothers, on Sunday celebrated World Mothers’ Day, with a walk. The walk started at the dawn from Rama Krishna Mission at Gole Park and ended at the same ...
From Maa to Mom, Bollywood celebrates Mother's Day
Gone are the days when the on-screen mothers in Bollywood would sing lullabies in their soft voices, those pain-filled eyes reflecting their sacrifices, their adoring smile and strokes that soothes away fears, their all-encompassing equation ...
Pamper your mother this Mother's Day
She gave up her dreams to let you live yours and she egged you on whenever you felt low. So this Mother's Day on Sunday, show some love to your mom and pamper her with ...
Same feeling but varied reasons to remember moms!
On this Mother's Day on May 13, actors remember their moms for varied but with same kind of emotion. Not missing a chance, they take this chance to express their gratefullness. ...
Love your mother: Bollywood celebs
Bollywood actors Suniel Shetty and Arunoday Singh feel every day is Mother's Day and it is important to express gratitude to your mum daily. ...
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