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Saturday, December 14, 2019


September 2011

Supplementary Issue


It’s Messi and F1 era... time to junk the old!

Saibal Chatterjee, Editor, TSI SMASH

As we worked on the second issue of TSI Smash, Indian sports witnessed several developments of long-term import on and off the field.


‘Today’s cricket academies lack honesty’

Danish Reyaz

Stylish southpaw Salim Durrani won BCCI’s Lifetime Achievement Award this year. The flamboyant cricketer of the 1960s and 1970s discusses his life and times in an exclusive interview with TSI.

‘There is no short cut to success’

Ajay Rana

When he ran in the 1976 Montreal Olympics, Indians present in the stadium gasped at his audacity and agility. Middle distance runner Sriram Singh set the synthetic track on fire with his gusto.

For Gagan, sky’s the limit

Ajay Rana

He is an ace rifle shooter, but he always exudes gentility. Qualities of head and heart have helped Gagan Narang sustain his position among the world’s best.


The shooting stars

Ajay Rana

Ace Shooter Samaresh Jung and Anuja, now his wife, met during a national camp. As they spent time together, at different training camps, they felt increasingly attracted towards each other.


Indians in the hunt

Rahul Banerji, Sports Editor of The Asian Age

For decades, India’s contingent to the quadrennial Summer Olympic Games was all too happy to make up the numbers. The pressure of medal expectations would rest squarely on the shoulders of the men’s hockey team, and the rest were content to go along for the ride.

Blighted in Blighty

Gulu Ezekiel, Senior sports journalist and author based in New Delhi

India’s debacle in England was all the more shocking as they began the series as the world’s number one team as per the official ICC rankings and also World Cup champions.

Cover Story

Sports Movies, We've Ever Seen

Saibal Chatterjee

Although it is essentially a standard Hollywood film, Invictus, directed by Hollywood veteran Clint Eastwood, is our favourite sports movie not because it possesses any exceptional cinematic qualities.


The Cup Runneth Over

Mayank Singh

It’s a sport we all love to the point of distraction. But in cricket-obsessed India, the beautiful game has suffered gross neglect over the decades.

Bye bye, Baichung

Ajay Rana

Baichung Bhutia, the poster boy of Indian soccer, has called it a day. But the talismanic footballer isn’t done yet.


F1 comes to India

Chetan Narula, Sports writer and journalist based in New Delhi

The Formula One circus will finally make a stopover in India this year, when on October 30, 2011, Delhi will play host to the inaugural Indian Grand Prix. With the coming of the race, a new chapter will begin in the history of sport in this country.

Waiting To Excel

Let’s go climb a wall

Mehnaz Nasreen

Why do you want to climb Mount Everest? “Because it’s there,” said English mountaineer George Mallory. However, that can’t be the case for everyone. So what do people do if they want to climb mountains but do not have access to them?