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Wednesday, April 21, 2021
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2014, 02 Apr
    Muppets Most Wanted
    When The Muppets returned to the big screen in 2011, thanks to fanboy Jason Segel who co-wrote the story and starred in the movie, everyone was refreshingly surprised by how ...
2014, 22 Mar
    Romance in the time of recession? Pyaar in the time of the pink-slip? Habib Faisal’s script and Nupur Asthana’s rom-com showcases hearts & souls being challenged in the time of ...
2014, 15 Mar
    When a film is essentially meant to be a fun ride, it is easy for the audience to lose sight of the serious intent at its core. However, Vikas Bahl’s ...
2014, 07 Mar
    Shaadi Ke Side Effects
    The two protagonists of Shaadi Ke Side Effects are likeable enough. The many vexations that they encounter in trying to keep their relationship on an even keel do yield a ...
2014, 28 Feb
    Writer-director Imtiaz Ali takes the audience on a voyage in a direction that is markedly unusual. The result is a fulfilling experience that stops just short of being exhilarating. ...
2014, 22 Feb
    In a Hindi film, if it's Kolkata, the Howrah Bridge, the Hooghly and Durga Puja have got to be de rigueur. And there are bound to be frequent allusions to ...
2014, 14 Feb
    Babloo Happy Hai
    Director Nila Madhab Panda (I Am Kalam) and screenwriter Sanjay Chouhan (Paan Singh Tomar) opt to punch below their weight in Babloo Happy Hai and, for the most part, find ...
2014, 07 Feb
    12 Years a Slave
    12 Years a Slave delivers on every scene. It reminds us of America’s original scene and the penetrating truths behind it. You cannot just watch this movie. You bleed with ...
2014, 31 Jan
    JAI HO
    When Salman Khan first burst upon the scene and screen in the late eighties – Maine Pyar Kiya – he took the youngistan by storm! Fresh, cute, sweet & stylish, ...
2014, 24 Jan