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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Media Watch

December 2011

Supplementary Issue


No need for a censor

Seema Mustafa

The publicity given to the reported use of social networking sites like Facebook in consolidating public opinion against the government in Egypt seems to have made even the government of Democratic India nervous.

Cover Story

Arun Shourie Exposed


Our objectives collided. My efforts were directed to making The Indian Express a better paper, while he was basically a pamphleteer who was close to the Hindu Right. Even while he oversaw a string of reporters stories, which drew national attention (for which he claimed more credit than was his due), his aim was to spread the message.”

“My experience with Shourie was not happy”


I believed in maintaining a distance from the owner because that way an editor would have more leeway and there would be less room for misunderstandings. Occasionally, Goenka would call me to Sundar Nagar for a chat. I found it remarkable that Arun Shourie (who went on to become a Union Minister in 1998) was always present.

“Shourie was flavour of the month”


Another clash caught me almost immediately. It involved Arun Shourie. Over the years, Mr Shourie and I have not seen eye to eye on many issues - something I don’t regret.

International Media Watch

Selling Doomsday

Saurabh Kumar Shahi

There are so many things happening all over the world that the media is completely clueless about what to follow and what not to. However, somehow or the other, the western media knows what suits their interest and the interest of the countries they are based in and they prioritise their coverage in sync with that.

‘World is ruled by the law of the jungle’

Saurabh Kumar Shahi

Given that it is practically impossible to predict what will happen in such a chaotic scenario, coupled with a virtual blackout by the mainstream media and clear attempts to disrupt the truth coming out through a hacking campaign and interference with communications, we can only speculate from what we see.

Regional Media Watch

Regional media


Until Baljinder Kotbhara came out with a story on Shekhpura’s grave health issues such as mental disorders, growth disorders, cancer and motor neuron diseases, nobody really knew about them. Kotbhara visited Shekhpura, a village in Bathinda district, to get a close view of the unfortunate villagers who had been suffering from incurable diseases since their birth.

Guest Column

'Every section of society ought to be represented'


It is difficult to say that the media is deliberately ignoring the issues of a certain community (Muslim). When the media thinks that a certain story can be played up as a Hindu-Muslim story, only then they take it up.


Beware of his chakravyuh

Anando Bhakto

It’s a packed newsroom, but the book in his hand seems to have occupied his thoughts completely. Seeing us approach he keeps it aside and beams a broad, affable smile. If his warmth and friendliness are anything to judge him by, Vijai Trivedi, Consulting Editor, NDTV India, cannot nearly be the journalist who brought a veteran leader of the opposition down, ruffled the composure of a mighty chief minister in a live talk, and confounded dozen others out of their wits.


1984: Too Gory to recall


The 27th anniversary of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s assassination revives stark memories of some 3,000 Sikhs killed brutally in the orderly pogrom that followed her killing.


'Freedom should be coupled with responsibility'


I want both the print and electronic media to play a progressive role. Something like what the European media, and in particular people like Voltaire, Rousseau, Thomas Paine and other enlightened thinkers helped in doing. Also what the encyclopedic of France played during the time of transition of European society from feudalism to modern society.

'Media is not above criticism'


I think it would be a gross exaggeration to suggest that most journalists in the country are people of low intellectual calibre. There are tens and thousands of journalists in the country.