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Media Watch

November 2011

Supplementary Issue


Katju has a point

Seema Mustafa

The war of words between the new Press Council of India chairman Justice Markandey Katju and various media organisations is unfortunate.

Cover Story

It’s been a steep climb for women journalists

Usha Rai

Forty six years ago, when I stepped into The Times of India (TOI), full of enthusiasm, determined to make a career in journalism, it was a lonely place for a woman. There were just a handful of women in the profession — television had not yet made inroads into the media--- and women were seen as upstarts and birds of passage.

She Tells Stories


When the media indulges in organised manipulation of issues relating to religion, society, politics, administration and culture, its reports look like organised gossip. So I would say that the media should avoid such manipulations just for the sake of increasing its TRPs.

International Media Watch

No spring near my home

Saurabh Kumar Shahi

If there is an example of a learning curve in media coverage worth mentioning in the near past, it has been the coverage of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) demonstrations by the mainstream press.

Media Trend Graph

Media Trend Graph


Analysis of the coverage

Guest Column

You sure have come a long way

Rashmi Saksena

Perceived as a liability to begin with, now accepted as an asset… you have come a long way, baby! This immortal cigarette ad line, best tells the place Indian women journalists have made for themselves today in the erstwhile ‘men only’ newsroom.


He has a Mudda to raise!

Anuradha Preetam/ Rohit Manchanda

He has had arguments about the show with his bosses. He has huge icons to deal with, like Rajdeep Sardesai and Ashutosh. But, each time, it is he and his wits that have prevailed.


‘We work to network journalists and RTI activists’

Naresh Nunna

The Knight International Journalism Fellowship is given to mid-career journalists to work on a theme of their choice. It is funded by the Knight Foundation, a premier non-profit organisation based in the US.

‘The media’s strength is its credibility’

Chandran Iyer

The concept of a Media Council is not new. When I was the chairman of the Press Council, we made a draft of a Media Council to bring the television channels into its ambit because the Press Council of India (PCI) deals only with newspapers.

‘The US has a strong pro-israel vision’

Saurabh Kumar Shahi

I’m proud of having been the one to expose the bloodbath argument, but I’m afraid few people were aware of that. I’ve seen a similar argument used more recently to justify continuation of the war in Iraq. The US public had withdrawn its support because it had become obvious that the war was a failure.

Dying Art

Are Political Cartoonists Facing Extinction?

Chandran Iyer

Are good cartoonist becoming endangered species? Once every big newspaper had its own cartoonists who were a brand by themselves.

Post Script

Of Course the Indian Media is Irresponsible and Rotten...

Sutanu Guru

Were the matter not so serious and so important to the future of Indian democracy, I would still be laughing my guts out. Yes, I am talking about the firestorm triggered by the strong criticism of the Indian media by the new chairman of the Press Council of India Justice Markandey Katju.