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Friday, July 20, 2018

Media Watch

August 2011

Supplementary Issue


Lessons to learn...

Seema Mustafa

It was a joy to see the so called media moghul Rupert Murdoch, his son James and their chief executive Rebekah Brooks grovel before the House of Commons media committee. Rubert Murdoch described it as the most “humble” day of his life, while all three tried to soft talk the British lawmakers into believing their innocence.

Cover Story

The vocal local

Naresh Nunna

Two electronic media players couldn’t be more dissimilar than Eenadu group’s ETV and Associated Broadcasting Company Private Limited’s TV9. Although their inherent ideologies are sharply divergent yet their strategy is pretty much the same: think global and act local.

Noise isn’t news, focus on issues

Jayaprakash Narayan

In this complex environment, the one institution which nurtured, sustained and strengthened our democracy is the press. The role of the media during the freedom struggle and after independence has been an extraordinary and inspiring saga.

‘Professionalism is the key’

Kumar Buradikatti

Mahendra Mishra, Director, TV9-Kannada and NEWS9-Karnataka, reveals to MW the tricks of the trade that have helped his channels scale new heights

“I dream to see TV9 as the news headquarters of India”

Naresh Nunna

The founder and CEO of TV9 of Associated Broadcasting Company (ABC), Ravi Prakash, is seemingly soft but is harder than rock in professional affairs. RP is not only his competitors’ envy and the icon of millions of youngsters of Southern India, but also a heartthrob of the classes. Media Watch attempts to make out his mind, as his heart beats for the ‘Better Society’

International Media Watch

I refuse to learn

Saurabh Kumar Shahi

From racial stereotypes to below-the-belt tactics, European Media used all the tricks in the bag to humiliate the crisis-ridden Greece

Media Trend Graph

Analysis of the coverage


The overall improving rating in cited analyst comments on the Spanish economy reflects a growing polarization. For analysts, the image of the country´s banks and successful bond placements cannot be ignored, but the debt crisis is still strong on the agenda.

Regional Media Watch

Regional Media Watch


The stories that created ripples in many parts of the country

International Column

The Phony Populism of Rupert Murdoch

Jeff Sparrow

Jeff Sparrow is the editor of the Overland magazine and the author of Killing:Misadventures in Violence. He is among the very few journalists who have kept a track of the rise and fall of Rupert Murdoch since his initial days in Australia

“We have a tradition of mixing opinions with facts”

Saurabh Kumar Shahi

Media professional Deniz Ergürel spent many years in the US, Mexico and Brazil before returning to Turkey to start a media advocacy group, Medya Derneği. In an interview with MW, Deniz talks about the challenges facing the media in Turkey.


A nose for news

Mehnaz Nasreen and Rohit Manchanda

One of NDTV’s star anchors, Vikram Chandra, took up journalism inspired by his mother. Two decades on, he is himself a role model for many. MW presents a peep into the world of a man who has been-there-done-that in the relentless pursuit of news

The gift of the gab

Mehnaz Nasreen

A small town girl from Ranchi, Anjana Kashyap’s avid interest in debates and her determination to do big in the electronic media helped her evolve as a renowned anchor

Entrepreneur Journalist

Building empires on ideas


Starting one’s own website requires both perseverance and quick thinking. MW speaks to scribes who have been successful online

World News Development

Murdoch Empire hacked


The phone-hacking scandal has exposed the glaring nexus between the police, journalists and politicians in the UK; it will be difficult for the people there to trust the media readily

From The Valley

Against all odds

Haroon Reishi

Unabated militancy, inadequate resources, and the fear of upsetting the establishment, the difficulties are too many to list for young, journalist aspirants from Kashmir. MW reports how they cope