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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Media Watch


Supplementary Issue


Politician or scribe?

Seema Mustafa, Editor, TSI Media Watch

It is not often that an Urdu newspaper is in the so called national news but editor and owner of Nai Duniya Shahid Siddiqui managed just that with his interview of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.


The Complete Channel Man

Agnibesh Das

Before he can finish his answer to the first question, Sudheer Chowdhary gets interrupted four times with people poking their heads into the office, asking him something or the other.

Regional Media Watch

Regional media

Rupraj Sarmah

After completing his Masters in Political Science, Kanak Sen Deka began his career as a school teacher. He started publishing Agradoot as a fortnightly, which he developed into a weekly and then made it a three-day periodical before finally making it a daily in 1995.


Bumping into Alchemists

Kuldeep Kumar

BV Karanth had emerged as a formidable theatre director with a great sense of music by the early 1970s.

Cover Story

"India has held me in a rather tight embrace"

Osman Unalan, bureau chief, Zaman Media Group of Turkey

My first tryst with India was years ago when I came here to continue my university education in Political Science and got all my degrees here.

"My experiences here have helped me"

Tang Lu, Senior Editor, Xinhua News Agency

When I first came to India way back in 1996, I was not here as a journalist.

"Information and news on India can no more be trivialised"

Saurabh Kumar Shahi

It was a conscious decision on my part to relocate to India as I wanted to cover some of the interesting incidents that were taking place in the region and there was definitely promise for more.

"I find India to be a lively place for the media"

Adam Roberts, South Asia correspondent, The Economist

India is immense in terms of the number of languages and cultures and is blessed with a huge array of media organisations.

"India most sought after destination for foreign journalists"

Jason Burke, South Asia correspondent, The Guardian

India has always been among the most sought after destination for foreign journalists. Not because it is a huge news story – but because of the richness and interesting nature of the stories here.

"Global media is in a state of flux"

Aditya Raj Kaul

Media ethics are more important now than ever before. Readers are sophisticated now – they immediately know the difference between factual reporting, comment and commercial promotion.

Monkeying Around

Aditya Raj Kaul

Rone Tempest of Los Angeles Times in her December 5, 1986 report titled, Tailed Terrorists in India beautifully narrates an incident where Donna Hughes and her 2-year-old son driving through the roads of New Delhi singing rhymes, are attacked by a "raging rhesus Macaca mulatta monkey”.

From Snake Charmers to Snake Eaters


India has come of age insofar as coverage of her affairs by foreign journalists is concerned.

Special Stories

The Gentle Rebel

Seema Mustafa

The year has been a prolific one for journalists with several senior scribes coming out with autobiographies.

Playing to the Galleries

Agnibesh Das

More than 60 years after Shankar Pillai drew the cartoon showing BR Ambedkar riding a snail which is being prodded by Jawaharlal Nehru to make it go faster, Parliamentarians had suddenly woken up to the alleged slight.