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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Media Watch


Supplementary Issue


In Full Glory

Seema Mustafa, Editor, TSI Media Watch

The other day I reluctantly agreed to participate in one of those excited bordering on the hysterical television debates. Reluctantly because these are usually a waste of time, with participants struggling to get a word in edgeways, and more often than not serious debate turning into a slanging match.


Will be in the trenches with my team

Anuradha Preetam

She had science for her class XII exam, graduated in philosophy honours from Delhi’s St. Stephen’s College and did her Masters in Communication Studies from Pune University before ending up with a career in matters that deal with business and finance.That is Shereen Bhan for you, the beautiful Executive Editor of CNBC TV 18.

Down Goes The Final Frontier Post

Vijay Rana

This was an unimaginable shock. The ‘Sharabkhana’ or the Bush House Club was empty on a Friday evening. Though I was always teased as a ‘juicewalla’ by my lager-guzzling friends, I grew up admiring the spirit of the place.

Guest Column

The Last Post

SAMPATH KUMAR, Former Head Tamil Service, BBC

With the threat of closure looming large, BBC’s Tamil service celebrated its 70th anniversary a few months ago. Started as a "A news letter from Ceylon”, broadcasting once a week, BBC Tamil service began its daily broadcasts only in 1990 when the civil war between the Sri Lankan Tamil rebels, the LTTE and the government was intensifying.

Cover Story

Meet the 'hack' entrepreneus

K S Narayanan

To be a journalist or, an entrepreneur for that matter, is not an easy job. Both the careers are interesting even as they place tough demands on practitioners.

Eco Warrior springs silently

KS Narayanan

I had never really been interested in a normal nine to five job. I was part of the underground activities during Emergency when I saw how – barring Indian Express – all the dailies reported blandly.



Writers may be born but journalists "become” and then crash-land into entrepreneurship once in a while-like my own story!

Learn more, Earn more

KS Narayanan

A few months after India embarked on economic reforms in the 1990s, Girish Chadha dabbled as a salesperson for a year during 1992-93 for exporters’ yellow page, raiding exporters’ dens across the national capital on his two wheeler, selling space.


Harsha Kugwe

Challakere Yerriswamy is a scribe turned businessman. Earlier he was working for a famous Kannada tabloid, Lankesh.


KS Narayanan

I began my career as a sub-editor in The Hindustan Times in Patna in 1987. I got transferred to its New Delhi branch as a reporter in the economic bureau, then I moved to Indian Express, as Principal Correspondent and then finally to the Pioneer in New Delhi as Special Correspondent in the economic bureau.

scripting a new chapter

KS Narayanan

After a decade long stint as a copy editor at the popular national daily, The Hindustan Times, Renu Kaul Verma decided to quit journalism as she realised she was stagnating. Of course, the other reason that heavily weighed on her mind was the guilt complex for not being able to spend quality time with their children.


KS Narayanan

After a degree in M Tech in Applied Geology from IIT-Roorkee, Utpal Borpujari plunged into writing news and features resisting tempting offers from multinational companies.

Journalist never retires!

Mona Mehta

Being a media person, BN Kumar, better known as BNK always loved taking risks. And that’s how he started his career independently with his own public relation (PR) consultancy, and even ran his own county newspaper out of Navi Mumbai.

Thesaurus for money


Ganesh Yellapur is yet another journalist who left his profession to become an entrepreneur because he was bored from the routine in his life. More than that, not liking the atmosphere in Bengaluru, he wanted to work around his home-town in Yellapur of the Uttar Kannada district of Karnataka. So, one day he decided to start his own firm and left Bengaluru.


Reporter's Diary


Jaffna, October 5, 1987. I was lucky to be there, the day all hell broke loose in the capital city of the Northern Province of Sri Lanka.

Regional media

Manish Macwan

One day when he was standing near a pan shop, Ashok Parmar heard the shop owner talking of the nexus between local politicians and the underworld.

'A man on an independent mission in india'

Aditya Raj Kaul

I think that main change has been the ease of access to information via the web and email. It means that reporters in the field can keep track of events more easily. It is much easier to file a copy to your editors. The downside is that there is more expectation for coverage to be more comprehensive.

International Media Watch

The Conservative Noise Machine

Saurabh Kumar Shahi

Here are few countries in the western world where the conservative media is so well oiled and organised as in the US. And there are fewer still where they have such a huge following. Across the Europe, including the most liberal nations like Netherlands, there is no dearth of right-wing, venomous media outlets.

Media in Kashmir

Double Standards

Haroon Reshi

Almost 19 months into its formation, Kashmir Interlocutors submitted the report, "A New Compact with the people of Jammu & Kashmir" which was recently officially released by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) for response from the public, even though parts of the report were leaked out to selected press bodies from time to time after its submission in October 2011.