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Friday, July 20, 2018

Media Watch

May 2012

Supplementary Issue


'Washington can't be a counter-balancing force against China'

Saurabh Kumar Shahi

Mark Zavadskiy works as a Chief Asia Correspondent for the Russian business weekly Expert.


Like father, like son

Anuradha Preetam

Born to the illustrious Janardhan Thakur of Bihar, journalism happened to Sankarshan Thakur as a natural choice.


Who will watch the watchdogs?

Seema Mustafa, editor, TSI media watch

Sometimes, it is embarrassing to be called a journalist. And one such occasion was just recently, when a newspaper devoted its entire front page; unprecedented in itself, to the movement of Army troops to Delhi as a possible "coup."

International Media Watch

Of Charlatans, spinners and plain thugs

Saurabh Kumar Shahi

One of the most interesting (but also worrying) events in the reporting of Syrian uprising was the circulation of a photo of a battered three-year-old girl, with visible torture marks on her body and face.

Author Interface

The New India

Anuradha Preetam

Anna had broken his fast and I was back home after a hard day's work, and was very tired.

Crossing the boders

The blame game

Mayank Singh

Are Indian journalists lacking insight while reporting important strategic and defence related matters, or are the armed forces given to hiding information on the basis of national security?

Media Bodies

Toothless tigers?

Sanjay Kumar Srivastava

The winds of economic liberalisation brought with them elements of the market economy that have changed the DNA of Indian media organisations, said Hamid Ansari, Vice President, India.

How effective are journalist unions?

Mushahid M Khan

There was a time, not very long ago, when journalist associations used to take up issues and if required fight against media houses too.


The dead of the night

Ajit Sahi

Ajit Sahi, former Executive Editor of Tehelka, recalls the agony of the survivors of the Dantewada massacre of April 2010.

Media Trend Graph

Religion... Race... Election!

TSI Team

Results of 2012 Maryland and Wisconsin Republican primaries by born-again status and race (%)

Regional Media Watch

Brave acts that created a ripple in various parts of the country

Manjit Dhaliwal/ Arjun Raghunath/Shailendra Chauhan

Manjit Dhaliwal had a passion for journalism since his college days. After his formal education, he joined Punjabi daily Nawan Zamana in 2005 as a correspondent from Rampura Phull.

Are You Being Fair, Your Honour?

Sutanu Guru, Managing Editor,The Sunday Indian

I will quote from just a few articles and opinion pieces that have appeared in the American media recently. I hope the quotes will put things in perspective.

Cover Story

Crossing the line

TSI Team

More and more journalists are turning authors delivering 'quickies' on topical subjects, fiction novels and even memoirs as they work to express themselves in a space far larger than provided by the media.

Fiction: It is a Fact

Anuradha Preetam

Nistula Hebbar has just come out with her first fiction Kiss and Tell, and is already contemplating on writing another. Her second book (non-fiction) is on with a big publisher.

The Changing Scenario

Saurabh Kumar Shahi

When it comes to reportage-based writing, journalist-turned-authors ignore what is happening in the developing countries.