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Media Watch

April 2012

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Umaria district in Madhya Pradesh. Chandrika Rai, his wife and two teenaged children were murdered in cold blood on February 18, 2012.

Attack on journalists in Pipli

Dhrutikam Mohanty

A group of anti-socials, allegedly at the behest of the Notified Area Council (NAC) chairman of the Pipli area of Puri district, S. K. Babu, who was aggrieved over the publication of a news item in Sambad about him, attacked Rajat Ranjan Dash, the Pipli reporter of the said publication on February 4, 2011.

"Hey! Your voice is on the rise"

Naresh Nunna

Since the mid-1980s, the police of Andhra Pradesh (AP) have idiomatically created a buzz line for bullying against the assertive journalists to intimidate them: "Hey! Your voice is on the rise.

It's free for all in Bihar

Sanjay Upadhyay

On January 27, BJP goons attacked The Pioneer Assistant Editor Amarnath Tiwary, while he was watering plants in the basement of his apartment. They beat not only Tiwary but also his brother who tried to intervene.

Caught in a family spat

N Asokan

Kishore, correspondent of Thamizhaga Arasiyal, a political biweekly in Tamil Nadu, could not have expected how deeply he would get into trouble when he wrote a political story in June 2008 about J. K. Rithish (a DMK MP from Ramanathapuram), then a DMK functionary.

Paying the price for professional integrity

M Rajasekhara Panicker

A senior reporter working in the Kollam bureau of Malayalam daily Mathrubhumi, V. B. Unnithan is another victim of attacks on media persons.

Fatal attack on Kumara Rytha by miners' goons

Harsha Kumar Kugwe

It was on March 29, 2010 that Kumara Ryta, the district reporter of Suvarna News Channel in Bellary, was allegedly beaten up by goons of the Reddy Brothers.

Scribes get beaten up in Kolkata

Chandrasekhar Bhattacharjee

On February 28 this year, Kolkata witnessed the latest attack on journalists when Trinamool Congress (TMC) activists thrashed Partha Pratim Ghosh (24), a cameraman-reporter of ABP group's Star Ananda at Jadavpur.

Suppression of Press

Shadab Bashir

Does it carry any element of truth that the media in the Kashmir Valley is under a government scanner, and that there is a virtual suppression of speech on press?

Yet another scapegoat

Seema Mustafa

The arrest of Syed Mohammed Kazmi by the Special Cell of the Delhi Police is being seen as an attempt to pressurise the Urdu and other regional media to not drift away from the propaganda line being touted by Israel and the US while reporting on West Asia

The Killing Fields

Chandran Iyer

Chandran Iyer outlines the gruelling lives of daredevil journalists who are working in the conflict zones of J&K, North-East and the Red Corridors. While scribes in metro cities are wooed by PR guys with cocktail, gifts and foreign junkets, those working in high-risk zones are paid a pittance and they have to also guard themselves against death threats.


'Obama has the right idea as far as intervention in the conflict is concerned'

Saurabh Kumar Shahi

Mairav Zonszein is an independent Israeli-American journalist and writer, living in Israel.

Media Trend Graph

It's santorum in news


Fox News, the most conservative of the networks, is by far the most negative about the Republican candidates, particularly Santorum.

International Media Watch

Preemptive strife?

Saurabh Kumar Shahi

It was hilarious, and a tad worrisome too, to see how the Western press jumped the gun to declare the Russian elections "rigged” even before the votes were polled.

Poll Tracker

Why the media shunned Mayawati

Puja Awasthi

In the recently held UP election, while 'personal' and 'colour' stories on the BSP were missing, the party was also battling anti incumbency perceptions.

Mission not accomplished

Puja Awasthi

Exit polls once again failed to come out with any reliable prediction, neither in terms of seats won nor in percentage of votes polled for the parties in fray. PUJA AWASTHI finds out why.

Regional Media Watch

Brave acts that created a ripple in various parts of the country

Prakash Noolvi

Prakash Noolvi has been working for TV9, a Kannada regional news channel, for the last five years in Hubli as the Bureau Chief.


Total Recall

John Dayal

JOHN DAYAL is a journalist, author, occasional documentary film-maker and full time civil society and human rights activist. He is also a member of the National Integration Council chaired by the Prime Minister. He recalls his experiences during the 21 month-long Emergency (June 1975 – March 1977)


Finding her niche

Agnibesh Das

She was among the first women scribes to break the glass-ceiling in journalism. Whether it was agreeing to do night shifts or taking up hard news beats, Coomi Kapoor proved to her critics that women journalists are as capable and daring as their male counterparts, writes Agnibesh Das.


Wittingly incorrigible

Seema Mustafa, Editor, TSI media watch

The media did not do itself very proud in the coverage of the Assembly elections. The spotlight of course, was on Uttar Pradesh that seemed to hold the key to the Congress party's fortunes at the national level as well, and for the initial weeks into the campaign the media seemed mesmerised by Congress scion Rahul Gandhi.

Noodle-strap cricket

Saibal Chatterjee/Ajay Rana

The Twenty20 format has generated a brand of the game where even an ungainly heave is admired because it fetches a four or a six. Clearly, quantity matters more than quality here, write Saibal Chatterjee and Ajay Rana