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Monday, July 16, 2018

Media Watch

April 2011

Supplementary Issue


News of the news

Rohit Manchanda, editor, TSI media watch

Friends, when we look at the consumption of media, it comes to mind as the most addictive product there ever was, and ever will be! It is packaged and sold at times better than a film with a much higher impact quotient.

Cover Story

The rise and shine of Times Now

Arnab Goswami

In a certain reporter’s diary, it was June 1, 2001. He was reporting from Nepal, where the then heir to the throne, Prince Dipendra had just shot his entire family and himself. The reporter had no live OB (Outside Broadcast) van to his aid. But that wasn’t reason enough to deter his passion for reporting.

With the news, & away from all the clutter


23rd January, 2006, just three days before a national holiday, the nation witnessed the birth of an English national news channel, and many would have wondered why Bennett, Coleman & Co. and Reuters had entered a Joint Venture to come up with yet another medium to clutter the already fierce media battle amongst news channels.

Paid News

Indian media and the pain of “paid news”

Paranjoy Guha

The Election Commission of India is attempting to curb the incidence of “paid news” or advertisements, masquerading as independently generated news content printed in publications or broadcast on television channels in the run-up to the elections to the legislative assemblies of Assam, Kerala, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal.

Photo Feature

From janvani to janata ki vaani


As an event, it was unique, unusual and unprecedented. Some of the senior most journalists of India gathered together; not to excoriate the political class, but to hold a mirror to themselves.

TV Blues

How long can news channels rely on merely TRPs?

Ravish Kumar

A lot has been said about the challenges and opportunities vis-à-vis Hindi news channels in various seminars and forums. Needless to say, nothing concrete has come out of this. In fact, most of what journalists or editors say in these forums is said more on the basis of gut feeling and less on concrete facts.

Newsroom War

Newsrooms have turned war-rooms in Maharashtra

Chandran Iyer

New Media

Changing face of revolution through new media

Aditya Raj Kaul

When Mahatma Gandhi launched the Civil Disobedience Movement, launching a collective movement in a large country like India was a mighty task due to the primitive means of communication.

International Media Watch

Split wide open

Saurabh Kumar Shahi

The coverage of events in West Asia and North Africa by Western media outlets over the last few months confirms that media in the West believes what it wants to believe despite facts that point to the contrary.

Media Trend Graph

Analysis of the coverage


The older people tend to watch more TV than youngsters. It's clear that we tend to watch more TV as we age with the only dip occurring between 2-11 and 12-17 years old.

Regional Media Watch

Regional media


When a friend of mine told me about the incidents of human rights violation that took place during communal riots in Ratlam, I was totally shaken up by just visualising what the people must have gone through.