2012 24,Jan
  • Rushdie's video address called off in Jaipur 05:03 pm
    The video address by "The Satanic Verses" author Salman Rushdie at the DSC Jaipur Literary Festival was called off on Tuesday as some of the Muslims gathered outside the venue threatened trouble and even bloodshed if the address by a "criminal writer" went ahead.
  • Govt allows Rushdie video address at Lit Fest 12:37 pm
    Jaipur Literature Festival organizers on Tuesday said that the video session with the controversial author Salman Rushdie will take place as planned after Rajasthan government gave the go ahead.
2012 23,Jan
  • No Rushdie video link without approval: Govt 03:22 pm
    In a new twist to the Salman Rushdie controversy, Rajasthan government on Monday said it would not allow the controversial author's proposed video link address to the Jaipur Literature Festival without prior permission.
2012 22,Jan
  • Rajasthan police lied to me: Rushdie 12:25 pm
    An angry Salman Rushdie on Sunday accused the Rajasthan Police of concocting a supposed death threat to keep him away from the Jaipur Literature Festival. The police have refused to comment.
2012 21,Jan
2012 20,Jan
2012 19,Jan
  • Deoband slammed for raising Rushdie issue 02:12 pm
    As the objection to Salman Rushdie’s visit to Jaipur Literature Festival seems to have taken a political turn, Islamic seminary Darul-Uloom Deoband has been flayed by various Muslim activists for raking up the issue