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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Gypsy Billionaire

December, 2012

Supplementary Issue


Wanna make a memory...

Indira Parthasarathy, Executive Editor

In one of his interviews, Shah Rukh Khan revealed that his father had once expressed a desire that whenever it was they got to visit Kashmir, they must do it together.

Cover Story

"I think Australians are fun!"

Nishita Mahajan

Brett Binga Lee can flatten you with his charm as much as with his bouncers, so when he offered to take G&B Down Under, we didn't duck the opportunity. So ride along with Binga as he picks the big smoke hot spots, the best beaches and the red heart of Australia, the outback...

Winter Winds

Have you marked your calenders for December?

Aakriti Bhardwaj Singh

Watch the cowboys and cowgirls battle it out this December for a prize money of five million dollars at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, also known as the Superbowl of Rodeos.

International Destination

The beats of life!

Wayne Berhardson

Literally speaking, Buenos Aires could be South America's most vibrant city because the ancient underground, rumbling buses and ageing commuter trains are its literal movers and shakers.

Peaking fun Down Under!

Kristie Kellahan

Sydney isn't the capital of Australia-orderly Canberra takes that title, but try telling that to Sydneysiders. They'll insist that it's the nexus of Australian style, fashion, media, lifestyle and commerce. And they may as well be right.

Best Diving Destination

In the Deep Blue

Aakriti Bhardwaj Singh

It took actor Parvin Dabas only one snorkelling experience to realise that he's a water baby. Once wet, Parvin found himself forever hooked to the sport of scuba diving. Here are his top three, if you're willing enough to take a plunge...

Food Story

Hunger at Sea Level

Indira Parthasarathy

If all items classified as non-vegetarian were subject to a division of classes, seafood would easily constitute the aristocracy. The freshest catch, the leanest meats, the best proteins... it's all there. G&B heads to a premier seafood destination in the heart of God's own country...


A tourer like no other

Rishad Saam Mehta

Maserati, named after the brothers who first made these machines in 1914, Italy, is known for their legendary cars. Every generation of the Maserati GranTurismo has pushed the boundaries of what a car can achieve; then again a Maserati is not just any other car.

Exotic & Retch

From that Rroyal Boudoir in the Woods...

G&B Team

With the winter sun dancing on the few remaining strips of paint on my car’s weather beaten, road-ravaged bonnet, I drove west with a strange mix of excitement and embarrassment.