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Get Physical

Aug - Sep 2011

Supplementary Issue


A Promising Start

Prashanto Banerji

Stitching together a health and fitness supplement, in paper far more than pills, is, if you’d allow the blasphemous simile, a bit like biting into a big gooey mud-pie… impossible to get a mouthful without dropping some onto your shirt or into life as the case may be.

Cover Story

Hot Bod Express: Are you aboard?

Arati Raval Pandey/ Nishita Mahajan

As one walks into the bustling Lokhandwala market in suburban Mumbai, the home to numerous stars and starlets, the summer breeze lashes at your face. Looking for Satya’s acclaimed Barbarian Gym is not an easy job.


Beating Life at its Own Game

Anu Gulmohar

I think I was a fairly normal, if perhaps a bit of a willful, kid. Nothing spectacular but there were perhaps a few signs that I had some toughness… But still I worried to myself if I would have courage in a real crisis.

Horse Therapy

Healing Horsepower

Indira Parthasarathy

Being from Coorg, and with army officers in the family, I was introduced to horses quite early. I had a natural affinity for animals, and I particularly love horses. Then I took up riding as a hobby.

Belly Dancing

Belly Sexy

Spriha Srivastava

Helena Vlahos was brought up in Greece, on a tiny island called Hydra, where tourists thronged throughout the year. With dance, music and meeting people constituting evening entertainment on most days, Helena would spend hours immersed in the melodies of Middle Eastern music.


The pill’s getting a sugar coating

Aakanksha Malhotra

Admit it, we all hate hospitals even if it is to go in and see someone. Starting with the nauseating smell, the mind numbing colourless whiteness of the walls to a dozen faces that are feeling just the way you are.

Food For Thought

Food for thought

Ishan Raychaudhury

Our brain uses 20% of all the oxygen we breathe. To power this oxygen-guzzling supercomputer, what you need is not a Big Mac, but foods with the right kind of minerals and nutrients. Take your pick from these super foods as prescribed by neurologist Dr Manvir Bhatia

Postnatal Fitness

Mama Zorabian!

Nishita Mahajan

It takes nine months to give birth to a child, so give your body at least nine months to get back in shape

Yummy Mummy

How to be a Yummy Mummy

Nishita Mahajan

Dr.Anuradha Kapur, Head of Department of Obstetrics at Max Hospital, spells out the DOs and DON’Ts, and dietician Shikha Sharma prescribes some must-haves for new mommies...

Molecular Gastronomy

Wake up and smell the coffee! Or chocolate...

Anu Gulmohar

Once upon a time, it was a symbol of wealth and fertility; today it is a sign of sloth and greed. Love handles are abhorred, while the head is held high, lest a double chin would steal in and upset the grace and beauty of the person.


Kettlebells for women

Ishan Raychaudhuri

Kettlebells to kick into shape

Laila Ali

“Don’t let your fears hold you back from accomplishing your dreams.”

Anu Gulmohar

"I created pressure for myself because I knew that was the way to get the best results."

Fitness Gear

Gear up!

Ishan Raychaudhuri

Incredibly light and easy to clean, the Vibram Five Finger Shoe pampers the feet and helps keep their natural shape. Normal shoes often turn out to be discomfiting for our feet in the long term and make natural gait difficult. Vibram Five Fingers is designed with individual toes to help maintain the natural spread of the toes.

Body Talk

Body Talk

Sneha Theeng

Marriage and divorce have different effects on men and women. According to a study at Ohio State University, the sacred nuptials tend to have an accretionary effect on women, often times to their waistline.


Sex and the Spirit!

Spriha Srivastava

But fret not, and fear not thy desires, for they will take you closer to God, or at least your inner godliness. I’m not the one saying this either. I’m merely quoting the masters of an ancient Indian tradition called Tantra.