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Wonderful spam


TSI | Issue Dated: October 8, 2006
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Wonderful spam YOU’VE been spammed! You get back from holiday to find your inbox bursting with hundreds of messages with subject lines such as XXX Pics Included, Special Gift For You, and 75% Discount on Viagra. And all useless! But horrors, almost the same happens even in our bodies. It is a little shocking to discover that every cell nucleus in our body is crammed with millions of years’ worth of genetic junk mail. Much of this junk is in the form of pieces of DNA called jumping genes, or transposons, that can move around genomes, copying and pasting themselves into our genetic inboxes and mailing themselves on to the next generation. They are so good at this that in a modern day human, more than a half of the vast majority of genomes are junk.
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