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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Women Power rocks MCD Polls


SAUMYA PRIYADARSHI | New Delhi, April 19, 2012 19:13
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Margaret Thatcher, the only women to hold the post of British Prime Minister once said, "In politics if you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask a woman”.
The recent outcome of the just concluded Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) Polls seems to be influenced by the above thought. With women candidates scoring better than their male counterparts, the women power has truly rocked the MCD Polls.
Out of 138 seats reserved for women, they surpassed it by winning 144 seats. The 50 pc reservation of seats for the fairer sex was a highlight of this election. The recent election result shows as to how the paradigm shift is taking place from men being the power block to women excelling in this new arena.
There are several reasons behind this sudden surge in women candidates winning over 50 pc of the seats. According to Rekha Gupta, a BJP candidate who won the North Delhi MCD poll from Pitampura (North Delhi) the main reason behind this is the confidence that people have on a woman's administrative skills.
“When men do the campaigning it’s superficial, but what we do reaches the household kitchen. We certainly have more impact” says Rekha Gupta.
According to Ira Jha, a senior journalist this election result can be an indication for a change from the stereotypical governance that we have been adhering to for so long.
“People want change. People want to give women and their management skills an opportunity.”She attributed the honest and the sensitive image that a woman carries for clutching this huge win.
“People are tired of same male dominance and for once want to see the difference that a woman administrator can have,” she added.
Arti Mehra, ex- Mayor and BJP leader believes that the reason behind this win is women themselves.
“This is a transition period and this recent win in MCD polls is a testimony of that,” she said.
She thinks that that the voting power of women has increased over the years and female voters feel more comfortable with women candidates.
“It is easier for a woman to understand what problems do we suffer each day, than for a man, and so electing a woman for such posts helps in their uplifting as well,” said Mehra.
It is evident now that women are slowly and steadily trekking in this field as well, which has always been considered to be a male dominant profession. It’s a small step towards a bigger achievement and a new beginning for a better administration. What remains to be seen is how much difference will it now make with women force in power?
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